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Klara Wester Is Unconcerned with MPG

  • Najib Benouar

Cashin’ Out: Open Culture has found a dozen rare recordings from the music collaboration dreams are made of: Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. [Open Culture]

Less Is More: We suspected as much, but Bill Hader confirms that Tom Cruise in real life is a lot like Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. [Vulture]

Man-Urs: Manchester United is filing for IPO—which means you can own part of one of the most storied franchises on earth. No word on if Old Trafford has a fractional-owners box. [Business Week]

Salute: In honor of Flag Day—yes, that’s today—you ought to brush up on your star-spangled history. (And then have a Bud Heavy.) [The Atlantic]

Mr. Smith Goes to Manchester


Speaking of soccer players, we couldn’t help dredging up this recent pic of the Manchester United squad, dressed in newly-sewn off-the-field uniforms courtesy of Mr. Paul Smith. They’re a pretty staid bunch, so he couldn’t get too crazy, but he managed a few dandyish touches. Our favorite: purple shoelaces on the black oxfords. Well played, gentlemen.

Here’s the official pic.

United Colors of Manchester

  • Jared Paul Stern


The great Sir Paul Smith may have recently signed on to design new off-pitch duds for the Manchester United Football Club (that's soccer to you), but the sporting supermen were not always in need of such sartorial succor.

Back in the '50s they wore good old classic club blazers when not actively pummeling opponents, and needed no other decoration, as Bonhams upcoming Sporting Sale demonstrates.

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