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Annabelle Dexter Jones is Doing Her Best Olsen Impression


It’s All Standard: A Fall lookbook gives the Standard Hotel windows a run for their money. [Refinery29]

Could This Be the End of the Novelty Yamulke?: Vice rounds up their least favorite trends. Thankfully, suspenders escape unscathed. [Vice]

I Like to Get Deep Sometimes: Joel Johnston muses on the halflife of Facebook, and the impermanence of all things. [Gizmodo]

The End: Jessica Grose bemoans the rise of the “Omega Male.” But she seems to be unaware what an awesome name it is. [Slate]

Silwia Jankowska Slinks


Hello, There: Fashion Copious checks out the portfolio of Ms. Silwia Jankowska, and we’re beginning to think every model in the city has a “slinking on the floor” shot… [Fashion Copious]

Oh Man: A familiar face takes stock of the “manly advice section of the bookstore. The verdict? You’d better learn to tape drywall. [Slate]

Roll Out: Esquire takes stock of the latest runway trends, as applied to what you already own. Get ready to roll those pant cuffs. [Esquire]

Music for SmartPhones: Brian Eno fulfills his destiny with a generative iPhone version of Music for Airports. Maybe he was too cool for Android? [Gizmodo]

What a Man Must Do


In case you missed your issue of Esquire this month, we’ve got an emergency dose of masculine wisdom. This one comes courtesy of Omar Tehawko who put together the poster at the left. He’s managed to narrow the Things a Man Must Do down to five simple imperatives:

1) Shoot a Small Helpless Animal 2) Visit Space 3) Punch a Lion in the Face 4) Fly a Jet Fighter 5) Save the Day

It might take some doing, but nobody said manliness was going to be easy. First, you'll need a lion with a glass jaw…

Loose Threads: Hosiery Edition


As we’ve said before, the internet is a strange and frightening place.

We recently stumbled across a site called eMANcipate dedicated to the following simple yet perplexing question: “Why don’t men wear panty hose?”

The answer, of course, is that they’re men, but the folks at eMANcipate aren’t satisfied to leave it at that. The result is a hodge-podge of uncomfortable-looking models and even more uncomfortable-looking calves.

Lest you be tempted off the path, allow us to reiterate: Patterned hosiery is a strictly female endeavor, like childbirth or hosting *The View*. And that’s a good thing.

Man in Excel Form


Man is a complex creature, and plumbing his desires and fears can be a terrifying and eye-opening journey.

Unless, of course, it’s a survey.

The good folks at have done the latest work—for science, naturally—and rounded up 75,000 men for a comprehensive survey of the less-fair sex. The result is worth a look, so we’ve rounded up the most eye-opening numbers for your perusal.

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