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Your New Sunglasses for S/S 2013

  • Kempt Staff


While you’ve probably got a trusty pair of shades tucked away from last summer, it’s always nice to have another pair to reach for in the event of the inevitable... Forgetting them in a cab. A tragic kayaking mishap. Accidents happen.

Luckily, a handsome new crop of sunglasses has landed on the market just in time to have you fully equipped to keep your eyes stylishly protected from the harmful effects of the sun—and the occasional morning after—when you’ll need them most. Even luckier: we’ve rounded up your best options, from new-age club masters to good old aviators. So, without further ado:

All of the UV-rated dapperness your face requires.»

The Weekend Sales Report Card

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend...

For the Europhile: With plenty of items at up to 80% off at the Corner, you’ll have to do some digging (and get lucky with sizes), but there are some good finds for the Maison Martin Margiela, Andrea Pompilio and Dries Van Noten fans out there. Discount: A Sizes Available: C+ Selection: B

For the Bits and Bobs: Sir Jack’s has a wide range of menswear, accessories and grooming products for up to 60% off. Discount: B+ Sizes Available: B Selection: A

For the Blanket Statement: A good wool blanket is a good thing to have—and hard to find a deal on—so the 30% off Context is running on their stock is worth a look. Discount: A Sizes Available: N/A Selection: B+

For Falling Forward: Things are going fast and the sale ends at midnight tonight, but if you want to snag some Todd Snyder fall gear for up to 68% off, act quick. Discount: B+ Sizes Available: A Selection: A+

Your Fashion Week Primer, from A to Z

  • Najib Benouar

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren Fall 2013 Preview

Today marks the first day of New York Fashion Week, and the international fashion cognoscenti are descending upon Lincoln Center as we speak.

And as any well-read menswear enthusiast will tell you, it pays to know what exactly all the fuss is about (especially if you find yourself suddenly sharing a barstool with your new Estonian friend or in a heated debate with your tailor). So with that in mind, we’ve prepared an A-to-Z primer of talking points and trivia that should get your through the spectacle that is NYFW.

Herewith, the ABCs of New York Fashion Week.»

Europe, On Sale

Prada Shoe

Farfetch isn’t as well known in the States, but it’s a great resource for anyone who gets a thrill from browsing through boutiques. (We’ll go ahead and assume that’s you.) They’re an e-commerce hub for a whole cohort of European and British shops, which means you end up sorting through thousands of designers at once. And when they go on sale, they really go on sale.

Now is one of those times.

Here’s our tour of the goods, including Prada wingtips, swim trunks and Brunello Cucinelli»

Juliana is Disappointed In Her Poodle

Today In Totally Serious Editorial: Art of Manliness wants to dust off the codpiece, slowly but vigorously. [Art of Manliness]

Sized Down: Martin Margiela’s latest shades come with lenses slightly too small for the frame. Based on our research, this is not a prank. [Por Homme]

The Old Type: The Times travels into the dark, seedy world of the vintage typewriter trade. [NYTimes]

One Last Prank: Wanderfly just added 25 new destinations, ranging from “Funky Town” (apparently in Minnesota) and “Your Mom’s House.” The timing is suspicious, to say the least. [Gadling]

The Conceptual Clog


As per usual, Maison Martin Margiela have managed to make us do a double take. These wood effect laceless oxfords have made their debut for spring, complete with a cap toe and an actual wooden stacked heel. And, since they’re made of napa leather, the breaking in process will be less daunting than it appears. Now, onto the plexiglass wingtips…

Kicking Off


Maison Martin Margiela has been dipping their toes in the sneaker game for some time, but usually they favor a style of spaceman high-top that, like most avant-garde sneakers, appeals more to streetwear shops than the haute crowd.

Luckily, this season finds MMM taking that same monochrome sleakness to a soccer-shoe model, and the result is pretty envy-inspiring. The silhouette may be treading on Puma territory, but the all-leather approach and the perfectly chosen shade of blue place it a few cuts above the competition. Not that we'd expect anything less...

Going Home


Maison Martin Margiela has specialized in snow-white minimalism for a couple decades now, but they just now applied the idea to home décor. As you might guess, the result is every bit as weirdly playful as what we’re used to seeing on the runway.

The first collection of home goods just debuted at the Salon del Mobile in Milan (via My Fashion Life) with items like wine bottle lamps, wallpaper, carpeting and bookshelves, all in MMM's trademark white. Our personal favorites were the paneled doors, mostly for the sheer cheek involved in applying high fashion principles to one of the least glamorous items in the house.

The collection should hit stores and showrooms in 2010.

See the doors up close»

Bloody Butchers, Bad Dogs and Model Prisoners


Fresh Meat: These gory Eva Herzigova shots by Mario Testino have us hot, hungry and a little bit scared. [The Photography Link]

Curb Your Dog: Some horrid pooch went and peed on our beloved Natalie Portman while she was traipsing about the part with Freak-Folk boytoy Devendra Banhart. Gentlemen that we are, we already have a contract out on the hairy mutt (and the dog as well). [NYPost]

Drawers Raise a Stink: The latest banned ads in Europe aren't by Tom Ford, but rather the product of Hanes' anti-racism, anti-subtleness marketing department. [DNR]

Car-Port Chic: Ksubi, Maison Martin Margiela and Adam Kimmel create couture car covers for Intersection Magazine. [Intersection]

Designs from the Pokey: Germans are buying up prisoner-made clothes. The prisoners, predictably, not so much. [CNN]

Street Talk: Izzy points us in the direction of Times fashion photog Bill Cunningham's new audio slideshow. [Manolo for the Men]