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Denim Jackets, Picking Pockets and Bankable Kickstarter Movies

  • Kempt Staff

Denim Jacket

Jacket-ology: GQ seems to agree with us about the denim jacket being a spring must-have: here’s a roundup.

Pickup Artist: For any aspiring pickpockets, Cool Material has assembled the seven seminal instructional videos on the subject.

Your Producer Credit Awaits: Daily Details rounds up the five films worth backing on Kickstarter.

Fresh Direct: Sample the finest restaurants around the country without having to leave your home—thanks to this list from First We Feast and the magic of mail-order food.

Join the Club


We like our socks black, cotton, and plentiful. And unlike most items, we’re open to getting them through nontraditional means. (hat tip to Crains) just launched what can only be described as a sock club for men, pledging a package of three pairs, three times a year.

It’s not a bad plan, and the frequency can be tailored to your own needs…but we wonder if this is a bit too much of a commitment. After nine pairs of dour Peruvian cotton, who’s to say you won’t be yearning for a bit of color?