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IRL: Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom

  • Tyler Raftery
IRL: Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom

Summertime finally washed over the Kempt region this week, presenting two big dilemmas: how to look like you put some effort into your sweat-smothered outfit, and how to blend into a small, (presumably) cool island off the coast of New England.

This in mind, we turned to the oracle of all things effortless, Bill Murray, for answers—specifically, his quirk-meets-casual style in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

T-minus your click to madras.

Head to Toe: Madras

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The 113th US Open went off this weekend, and it had us pining for the glory days of golf fashion. Back when the hair was feathered, the caps were newsboy and the prints were bold.

The ostentatious culture peaked around the time of Caddyshack, but thankfully, some pieces have remained steadfast. Most notably, madras.

The fabric is lightweight, easy to maintain and stays sharp when traditional suiting would fold under wrinkle-inducing humidity. So versatile, you can pretty much find any garment rocking its signature tartans. Hence, we went ahead and found all the gear necessary to don you from head to toe.

Wearing them all at once, well, that’s a lifestyle choice you’ll have to make for yourself.»

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The Rumple

Hentsch Man

Hentsch Man, one of our favorite British labels, just unveiled their High Summer catalog—and given what the weather’s been doing to our heavier blazers, it's not a moment too soon.

Our favorite pieces so far are this gentleman’s linen shirt, their double-breasted seersucker jacket and an eye-popping madras, but it’s worth flipping through even if you’re not likely to buy anything listed in pounds.

We’re particularly taken with the elegant rumple in the arms of the jackets, or the generous break in the pants—touches you don’t see much in the cropped and pressed stateside styles. It’s a more restrained, raffish kind of style, and there aren’t too many places you can find it in the U.S. just yet. But there’s always London…or the internet.

Transcontinental Madras


As soon as we see short sleeves, we start to think about madras ties. They’re one of the few preppy staples that’s risen above trendiness—thanks in part to being lighter and more colorful than anything else you might think of wrapping around your neck come June.

The latest three examples come from a globe-trotting collab between Opening Ceremony, Hong Kong’s Lane Crawford and Band of Outsiders. The square-end makes things a little bit more blue-collar, but otherwise they wouldn’t be out of place at a Newport garden party, or the Hong Kong equivalent. (For proof, here’s Chinese model Godfrey Tsao showing one off at the release party.) If he were feeling particularly daring, Godfrey might even tie it long and leave it tucked into his belt…but that’s between him and his bedroom mirror.

The Madras Dilemma


Madras might be the perfect summer fabric—lighter than regular cotton, not as wrinkly as linen or seersucker—but the eye-popping plaid can make it hard to pull off outside of the clambake circuit. Unless of course, you can find a non-plaid version…like this one from Gitman Vintage.

The key point: Madras is a fabric, not a pattern, so this is every bit as authentic as the bleeding variety—it just looks a little different. As for the new pattern, it's definitely Gekko-era, but we bet it looks pretty good over swim trunks.