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Mrs. Robinson, Micro-Wales, and Rude Clerks


Wild Combination: Helena Christensen, Chuck Bass, Terry Richardson, and Harper’s Bazaar: everybody wins. Even the ladymags get one right occasionally. [Jezebel]

Going Public: Apparently the collapse of the publishing industry is going to involve a lot of micro-wale corduroy suits. [Vulture]

The Grand Design: Beverly Hills’ favorite architect finally gets the star treatment, via a profile in Vanity Fair. [Vanity Fair]

Retail Therapy: It’s getting so bad out there that Madison Avenue’s infamously snooty shops are being forced into (gasp!) politeness. [NYTimes]

Chinese CGI, Madison Avenue, and Hot Buttered Soul


The Story of Isaac: Refinery29 bids goodbye to a soul legend. [Refinery29]

The Man in the Gray Flannel Pajamas: Madison Avenue just got a little shlubbier. [NYT]

China My China: Apparently part of the Olympic opening ceremony got a little assistance from the People’s Glorious CGI Department. [Boing Boing]

Behind the Mask: The smog-mask look is really taking off in Beijing. Expect it to hit L.A. within the decade. [AdAge]

Hitting the Bottle: What the world needs now are designer soda bottles, sweet designer soda bottles. [Marktd]

Mad People, Man Bags and Lauren vs. Lauren


Madison Avenue Chic: Behind the scenes at the Vanity Fair "Mad Men" shoot (January Jones in the house). []

Bag of Sunshine: Sacks for the season. [Refinery29]

May it Please the Court: Traditional-dressing British Judges to get even more awesome. [UPI]

Deal Alert: Savings on Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang from Wednesday through Friday. [Racked]

Bush Whacker: Seeing as he was uninvited to Jenna Bush's wedding, David Lauren, son of Ralph, cheated on alarming beautiful/surprisingly intelligent/secretly liberal Bush cousin Lauren because he is very, very stupid. [NYPost]