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The Mackintosh Sneaker

Mackintosh x Jack Purcell

Ladies and gentlemen, your rainy-day sneaker. Currently on sale at Tres Bien, this is the best example of the waterproofed sneaker we’ve come across so far—and probably your best bet the next time you’re dodging through puddles. It’s the classic snub-nosed Jack Purcell with one important difference: instead of the standard cotton canvas, they use Mackintosh’s own rubberized cotton, giving each of your feet its own raincoat. If you're lucky, you might even have a coat to match.

The Shell Game


If you happen to be reading this somewhere in the Northeast, you’re probably familiar with the following sartorial conundrum:

It’s gross out. From the moment you step outside, you’re battered by winds, snow, and unidentifiable flecks of water from all angles. But strangely enough, it’s not actually that cold.

But by some miracle of happenstance, the perfect garment for this situation seems to have arrived in Brooklyn at the same time as the blizzard. This Mackintosh shell, dubbed the New Kennedy, should be familiar to Barbour aficionados, but with two important updates: a thorough embrace of the pouchy pocket and an icy blue color (colour?) to complement the surroundings.

Stay dry, everyone.

The Old Mack


With the weather taking a turn for the brisk, it may be time to revisit our favorite supergroup-inspiring heritage item, the rubberized cotton raincoat known as the Mackintosh.

Now that their J. Crew collab’s a bit harder to find, you’ll have to track down the real thing. You can find one at C.H.C.M with classic tan instead of the showier black watch plaid. Stroll through the virtual shop and you’ll see extra details like adjustable shoulder pads and riveted vents under the arms that never quite made the transition to its stateside counterparts. Of course, heritage isn’t cheap, so it’ll also set you back just under a thousand bucks.

Just close your eyes and think of Scotland.

The Old Crew


The folk at J. Crew have been on quite a hitting streak lately, and it look like they have every intent of keeping it going.

We got our hands on their latest fall catalog, and once again, we’re impressed. There are the usual assortment of old school ties and cardigans that J. Crew made their name on, but this time there’s a more rustic edge too, with a few of the usual easy-iron button-ups traded for chambray workshirts.

As usual, the real gems are in the collaborations. They keep up old collabs with Mackintosh Coats and Alden Shoes, but our favorite is the boots from W. C. Russell Moccasin Company out of Berlin, Wisconson of all places. It would be a pretty good find for a boutique, but for a national brand it's practically a statement of principles.

Bringing heritage brands onto a larger stage is what the workwear movement is all about…and bringing a bit more chambray into the world isn’t so bad either.

A preview of J. Crew’s fall stock»

The Return of the Mack


We’ve been a little hard on plaid lately…but maybe it’s because we haven’t seen anything from a real Scot.

This Tartaned trench comes from one more of J. Crew’s impeccable collaborations. This time, it’s the Scottish brand Mackintosh: the company more responsible than any other for protecting the Britons from near-constant rain. Their first collab showed up at the Tribeca store in a flat navy, but they just updated it into a plaid that gives it a little more cultural charm.

It might venture a little below the waist, but in this case we’ll make an exception.