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Pistols at Dawn


We love a good duel. Specifically, the kind involving honor, intrigue and (if possible) flintlock pistols.

So we were pleased to see a new duel-centric anthology coming down the transom from Melville House. It’s a box set of five novellas—each titled “The Duel”—from authors like Chekhov, Joseph Conrad and Giacomo Casanova, who knew a thing or two about escaping angry spouses. It’s machismo at its most restrained and idealistic—and a Dusting Off waiting to happen. Let us know if you need a good dueling glove…

Heavy Duty


Even though we’re generally suspicious of band-aids as fashion statements, we have to admit this is a good idea. If you’re a manly guy who carries around a hammer, you can’t be messing with those wussy-looking pink things. You need to keep your skin together the same way you keep drywall together.

And for that, you need good old fashioned duct tape.