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Kempt Man of the Hour: Simon Hammerstein

Friday night saw one of the better parties LA’s had in quite some time: a pop-up of burlesque club The Box, on the west coast for one night only.

The man behind it, commissioned by Belvedere Red, was the magnificently bearded Simon Hammerstein—proprietor and creative director of the Box. Naturally, he brought out his best suit and his best pair of Barker Black slippers for the occasion. He even pulled off the oft-maligned French blue shirt, to the chagrin of bloggers everywhere. It’s a lesson: if you keep your clothes simple and your fabrics dark, there’s nothing scary about a more vivid shade of blue.

And given that the crowd included Jon Hamm, Andre Balazs and Lydia Hearst, coming away as the best-dressed of the night was no small feat.

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Lydia Hearst is a B-Movie Scientist

Tyson on Tyson: Mike Tyson bares his soul: “Objectively, I’m a pig.” On the upside, they let him hug a little girl. So there’s that. [DETAILS]

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Bond Girls, Photogs, and Lime Fresh


Bond and the Women: The British GQ counts down a list of the Bond girls that might have been. Mr. Craig should be so lucky. [The World’s Best Ever]

Fare Thee Well: Supertouch says goodbye to prolific and beloved photojournalist Shawn Mortensen. [Supertouch]

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Power of the Press


Media isn’t the most profitable business these days, but there’s a reason billionaires are always emptying their pockets into magazine and television ventures. There are some things only staggeringly large amounts of money can buy.

Take, for instance, the lovely Ms. Lydia Hearst. Being an heiress is enough to get you onto the gossip pages, but getting into fashion spreads takes the kind of clout only a few families in the world have. But having the same last name as a publishing group usually helps…

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Wallpaper, Jewel Theives, and Jon Hamm


The Paper Chase: Another day, another tasteful wallpaper. [NotCot]

Oh Lydia: Lydia Hearst joins the blogger ranks. Good to know it’s still possible to break into media. [Gawker]

The Parisian Job: A fast-paced jewel heist goes fabulously right. As a bonus, the article begins with the sentence, “Their timing was as impeccable as a tourbillon watch, a luxury timepiece whose name means whirlwind.” Definitely one for the record books. [NYTimes]

Such a Hamm: Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis take public access discomfort humor to new levels. [White Lightning]

Indecency, Portland, and America’s Finest Hats


Oh Lydia: Unemployment forces Lydia Hearst to indecency. She used to be so modest! [FashionIndie]

The Meme of Memes: Catnip for movie nerds…as usual, alphabetization is involved. [TakePart]

Portland is for Lovers: Singing the praises of Winn Perry, Portland’s finest men’s boutique. It’s also Portland’s third best kept secret, after mass transit and Stephen Malkmus’ solo work. [ultra]

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Keep it Under Your Hat: A quick roundup of your hat options as the winter approaches. We still like the beanie, but it’s a niche look. [Refinery29]

Oh, Lydia


Erstwhile Kemptress Lydia Hearst has apparently run into a spot of bother over her Page Six column, *The Hearst Chronicles*. Specifically, whether or not she really earned that byline

It started with a tiff over *The Hearst Chronicles*’ dissing of Hearst Media’s recession-inspired cancellation of their Christmas party. Apparently that was one tidbit Ms. Hearst wished she could un-ghostwrite, so she turned on her Page Six masters, who in turn revealed the whole façade.

The news may not shock anyone else, but we’re devastated. Lydia, we fell in love with your words! Was it all a lie?

Kemptress: Lydia Hearst

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We've had our eye on randy model/heiress Lydia Hearst for quite a while—following her progress with considerable interest, as Bertie Wooster might say.

She flaunts her charms to be sure, but somehow manages to avoid the Paris Hilton pitfall. And while not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, the provocative poppet certainly has a head on her shoulders, enough to be a good sport about it when Gawker takes the piss, as it's wont to do. (Darn that creative underclass!)

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A Scantily Clad Heiress, Deadly Hipsters, and Exiled Rum


Part-Time Model: The occasionally exhibitionist heiress (no, the other one) strips down for Myla. [NYDN]

Hipsters will destroy us all: But not in a cool Mothra kind of way. [PSFK]

Rum in Exile: Forbidden rum is always the sweetest. [The Bachelor Guy]

Receding Clothing Line: Jude Law models for dunhill. Baldness jokes ensue.[Brandish]

It’s the Shades: Kanye makes the cut for Vanity Fair’s best dressed list. Once again, his MacBook Air is in danger. [Kanye’s Blog]


  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

First of all, this will be our final photographic dispatch from Vienna's louche Life Ball, so it's no use begging or appealing to our better nature—which so far as we know is non-existent anyway.

While Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corre's shenanigans were certainly entertaining, it was molten media heiress Lydia Hearst who really stole the show.

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