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Fare Thee Well, Jane Russell


I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay: Arriving surprisingly late in the “lumberjack” trend, here’s how you actually cut down a tree. [Art of Manliness]

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Western Wool


Now that lumberjack shirts are coming back into season, we’re happy to have a new crop of Pendleton shirts to pick from. They’re still the gold standard of thick wool work shirts and unlike their recent stretch of Navajo collaborations, it’s all eminently wearable.

Even more importantly for those who have reached peak plaid, most of these patterns fall into a gently shaded “semi-plaid” zone, including a black watch tartan and a Suzuki-esque smudged windowpane.

Think of it as post-lumberjack...or just an older, wiser kind of flannel.

For That “Urban Miner” Look


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the retail world is having you on.

In the proud tradition of Best Made Axes, St. Liberty has put out a limited edition of lacquered pickaxes, retailing at $125 and befuddling bloggers starting today.

Unlike an axe, which you could plausibly use to chop wood, this one’s just furniture. Unless you’ve got a recreational coal mine connected to your cottage upstate—and if so, congratulations—this one’s going to be sitting on your wall until the zombie apocalypse comes. It’s handsome enough…but we can’t help but feel some line has been crossed.

I Don’t Mind Choppin’ Wood


Best Made Axes had quite a moment a couple months back, but we always thought it stopped just short of the full package. After all, if you’re going to chop all those logs, you’re going to need something to carry them back in.

Which is where Partners & Spade come in. Naturally, Andy Spade has a pretty good eye for bags, so he fixed on this log-carrier from Hudson’s Bay Company and tied it together in a handsome bundle with one of Manhattan’s coolest axes. The result is a one-stop kit for all your urban lumberjacking needs. The only problem: Where in the world is a Partners & Spade regular going to find a felled tree?