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Making Time


Any time a shop has an on-site welder, we tend to take notice.

We stopped by Dedegumo recently, a Japanese shop currently honing its wares on the Lower East Side, and saw some pretty spectacular sights. The biggest surprise is that they make all their merchandise in the story, making it half-shop and half-factory tour. And if for some reason you've never seen the guts of a watch factory before, that makes for quite an education.

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The Little Black Book


As we’ve mentioned before, we’re strongly in favor of real live, glue-and-paper books. As gifts and otherwise. We just wish they’d put a little more effort into being cool.

Fortunately, an LES shop called Occulter is doing their part, with a line of classic titles conveniently encased in black rubber. The result is a batmobile version of some more intriguing titles history has to offer.

Take particular note of those dangling tabs on the edges. The book is sealed shut when you buy it, so the giftee will have to tear it open if they want to start reading—kind of like a book with unopened pages, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And we are.

Thrown Together


Our friends at UrbanDaddy just turned us on to Assembly New York, a new vintage-plus boutique on the Lower East Side. Like their neighbors Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons, Assembly stocks a healthy selection of random objects to back up their more than formidable rack fodder. Our favorites include a ram-shaped bolo tie, four-eyed Chinese masks (an artifact of an earlier time, we’re sure), and enormous (but surprisingly sturdy) vintage corkscrews.

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