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A Day at the Park


Unfortunately, we were stuck a time zone away from the madness that is Lollapalooza, but our Windy City correspondent Chris LaMorte was able to keep us up to date with a few snaps and a few dispatches.

Our favorite t-shirt came from this gentleman, whose shirt details some of the more memorable eyeglasses of the past few decades. (For the record, we’re most partial to Mr. Fellini.)

As for the bands, here’s a quick roundup a few of the more memorable acts»

See-Thru Skirts, Fast Cars, and Reigning Supreme


Behind the Times: The Cut predicts an era of visible buttocks. We at Kempt fully support this trend. [The Cut]

If I Were a Rich Man: $1.4 million is no longer enough to buy you the world’s most expensive car. What’s all this about deflation? [LuxuryLaunches]

High Voltage: New York’s Volta art fair kicks off with complete insanity. [NotCot]

Supreme Clientele: The Supreme launch is jammed with crowds. Apparently Lou Reed still draws some water in this town. [Racked]

The Boys from Berlin

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

When it first came out in 1973, Lou Reed's tragic rock opera *Berlin*disappointed fans who'd been expecting an upbeat follow-up to his glam opus *Transformer*. Left to gather dust, it took twenty years for critical opinion to come around and finally dub it a masterwork.

Larger-than-life artist/auteur Julian Schnabel had, of course, always been a believer»

Lou's Threads

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

At some imprecise moment over the last decade or so, Lou Reed morphed from groundbreaking rock'n'roll genius and primogenitor of everything cool into a scrawny, wrinkle-necked old man in outlandish clothing. There must have come a moment when Reed, who turns 66 next week, realized that the good old black leather motorcycle jacket was no longer appropriate on a man of his years. That was fine as far as it went; but instead of deciding to dress his age - which of course need entail no sacrifice of style - he made the classic mistake of dressing like a much younger man; practically a teenager, and a partially lobotomized one to boot.

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