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Your Fall Pajama-ing Has Arrived

  • Najib Benouar

SJ_FallWinter13_Announcement.2 Great news for your increasingly crisp morning commutes between bed and the newspaper: Sleepy Jones has just unveiled their fall loungewear.

The recent torchbearers of the loungewear renaissance—it helps to know how to throw a good slumber party—have added a few new stripes and checks into the mix, but the most notable entries are the ones in end-on-end cotton, being modeled here by the unfailingly well-read Mr. David Coggins in luxurious repose. With the end-on-end weave, you get the heartiness of a chambray, without the sheen. So if you were to throw a sport coat over it to grab a cup of coffee, we wouldn’t complain.

Take a few more looks at what your future fall lounging has to offer.»

Fall Report: Luxe Loungewear

  • Kempt Staff

CPN018_SALTPEPPER_A_1024x1024Even just a year ago, the idea of “designer sweatpants” still seemed like a novel—almost subversive—concept. But as the progress of menswear marches on, it was only a matter of time before the once-reprehensible jersey cotton got handsomely upcycled by some of our favorite labels.

And with lazy Sundays of sports-watching on the horizon, you’ll want to consider the following options of not-at-all-schlubby loungewear.»