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Breaking: Warby Parker’s First West Coast Location

  • Kempt Staff


Today we come bearing great news for Angelenos in need of a new pair of shades. (On our count, that would be every last single one of you.)

Because Warby Parker is planting its first West Coast roots in a brightly lit corner of the Standard in Hollywood this weekend—according to our pals on the inside at UrbanDaddy Los Angeles.

That’s right, an honest-to-God brick-and-mortar shop that will be stocked with all of the same vintage-y, socially conscious, thick-framed handsomeness you’ve been pining for from afar... but real, graspable, set-upon-the-bridge-of-your-nose-able. Which means you can ensure the best fit without any online guessing—they’ll even take your pupillary distance measurements for you. (Think of it as a tailor for your face.)

Naturally, we’ve got a sneak peek at the Geoff-McFetridge-muraled shop for you, after the jump.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Simon Hammerstein

Friday night saw one of the better parties LA’s had in quite some time: a pop-up of burlesque club The Box, on the west coast for one night only.

The man behind it, commissioned by Belvedere Red, was the magnificently bearded Simon Hammerstein—proprietor and creative director of the Box. Naturally, he brought out his best suit and his best pair of Barker Black slippers for the occasion. He even pulled off the oft-maligned French blue shirt, to the chagrin of bloggers everywhere. It’s a lesson: if you keep your clothes simple and your fabrics dark, there’s nothing scary about a more vivid shade of blue.

And given that the crowd included Jon Hamm, Andre Balazs and Lydia Hearst, coming away as the best-dressed of the night was no small feat.

Take a look at the rest of the crowd…»

The Horror of the Onesie


We try not to get too worked up about the slankets of the world, but a newly arrived item in LA’s Kitson Robertson seems dangerous enough to require immediate action.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fair isle onesie. Look upon it, and despair.

It’s basically a full-body hoodie (or if you prefer, a footless footie), the kind of thing you wear to broadcast the fact that you’ve stopped trying to interact with anyone who isn’t a cat. Sure it’s comfortable; that’s why it’s dangerous. That sweatpantsy indulgence is what leads intelligent, capable members of society into a life of indolence, shame, and blogging about microwaved foods.

Also, while it’s not mechanically impossible to have sex while wearing a onesie, it does seem unlikely.

You’ve been warned.

The Other L.A. Noir


As it happens, one of our New Year’s resolutions was to read more noir. And while we weren’t looking, the clever folks at Vintage Crime have obliged us.

Back in December, they let loose a crop of four previously out-of-print Ross MacDonald novels that will be enough to keep us busy well into February. He’s not as literary as Chandler, but he casts the same eye towards an even stranger West Coast scene—roughly speaking, hippies and runaways instead of oil men and gangsters.

In other words, they’re the detective-novel equivalent of a Neil Young album, dressed up in a winding plot and a pulpy cover. Count us in.

Murrayfest 2010


As artistic muses go, you could do a lot worse than Bill Murray.

To that end, LA’s R&R Gallery is holding an all out Murrayfest, a collection of the best Murray-themed work the west coast has to offer, and quite possibly the most bemused art show you’ll see all year. Highlights include a recreation of the infamous family portrait from Rushmore, a photographic gangfight between his more famous roles and, for some reason, a full-frontal nude.

We’re not critics…but we know what we like.

Corduroy Suits Galore


Band of Outsiders fans should be having a very good day. The west coast brand just debuted a new set of pajamas and their first line of shoes at LA’s Opening Ceremony, and it’s pretty fantastic stuff. The pajamas are every bit as whimsy-soaked as you’d guess from their East Coast cousins—which is good news for anyone who couldn’t make it over to the Ace Hotel to pick up a pair in the past few months.

You can find the rest at the Opening Ceremony web shop, including a new set of staid button-downs and our favorite item of the bunch, this Belmondo-style trench coat.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Robert Pattinson

mothrpatz_crop.jpgvia Gawker

We were perfectly happy being a Twilight-free blog up until now, but certain suits simply cannot be denied. This maroon Gucci number, shown off at his latest LA premiere, is one of them.

The blood color might come off as a tad obvious at first but Mr. Pattinson pulls it off more like an English nobleman than a dinner-theater Dracula. Paired with a subtle gray shirt and tie, the getup is worlds ahead of most red carpet fashion. And given that the gentleman in question is all of 24 years old, it’s only right that he take a few risks.

As for the hair…that's probably a post all its own.