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Loose Threads: Vegas Edition


While we heartily enjoyed our stay in Vegas, we couldn’t help but notice that as a style town…things are getting a little sloppy.

It’s not all that surprising. Having made its name on excess of every kind, we don’t expect the Las Veganese to suddenly embrace subtly refined tailoring or jackets that aren’t covered in fur...but it's still much much worse than we thought. These snaps both come from the MGM Grand’s Bernini and offer a more serious warning than we ever could. It would be nice to try on, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

Toting Heat


It’s a new country out there and a new set of rules. Change and Hope (and, occasionally, Chope) are spreading throughout our land even as we speak. But a bad idea is still a bad idea.

And carrying this through an airport will still probably get you arrested.

Loose Threads: Hosiery Edition


As we’ve said before, the internet is a strange and frightening place.

We recently stumbled across a site called eMANcipate dedicated to the following simple yet perplexing question: “Why don’t men wear panty hose?”

The answer, of course, is that they’re men, but the folks at eMANcipate aren’t satisfied to leave it at that. The result is a hodge-podge of uncomfortable-looking models and even more uncomfortable-looking calves.

Lest you be tempted off the path, allow us to reiterate: Patterned hosiery is a strictly female endeavor, like childbirth or hosting *The View*. And that’s a good thing.

Loose Threads: Outdoorsman Edition


Seasons change—at least on the East Coast—and it’s worth it to take a moment for seasonal appropriateness. You can’t wear flannel all year round, and those short have to go back into storage sometime. Suits come in different weights for a reason, and over time, we put together a wardrobe appropriate to our climate, whatever that may be. But even if you live in the land of aerial wolf hunting, there’s still no excuse for wearing this heap of junk.

Somewhere between a snowsuit and a tailored sleeping bag, this loose thread entry provides us with a useful rule of thumb. If you can’t tell if something is clothing or furniture, it might be wise to avoid it entirely.

Loose Threads: Twist Tie Edition


The history of the novelty tie is pretty sordid. But even the piano-key necktie has the virtue of actually being a tie. This unfortunate item is really just the idea of a tie. And, as you may have guessed, it’s a very bad idea.

As usual, the mistake here is in the “quick” part. Wrapping a coat hanger around your neck may seem faster and easier than a half-Windsor, but if you’re in that much of a hurry, you might consider going tieless.

Or should we say, wireless.



This week’s Loose Thread comes courtesy of the nonist, who just introduced us to the Japanese concept of chindogu, or unuselessness.

The utili-tie to the left is a prime example. At first, it seems like the ideal combination of the sartorial charms of the necktie with the practical need to carry safety scissors, a set of paper clips, a ruler, a passport, and various other office essentials. But after you consider it for more than thirty seconds, it becomes clear that the tie is wildly inefficient at both its intended uses. It’s not entirely useless, but even if it existed, it would never be used. It is, in other words, Chindogu.

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Loose Threads: Makeup Edition


It looks like guyliner was only the beginning.

Jean-Paul Gaultier unleashed a line of men’s makeup yesterday called Monsieur, including concealer, eyeliner, brow grooming gel, two bronzers and a self-tanner. The ad materials encourage the makeup as a way to unleash your “inner monsieur,” which creeps us out more than anything we’ve heard in a while.

It isn’t the first time this idea has been tried, but until now, the market hasn’t shown much interest in the powdered dandy look.

Let’s hope our luck keeps up.

Loose Threads: Shoot from the Hip


It takes a certain kind of mind to create a wearable desk. The obvious problems—like going outside or interacting with others—have to go completely overlooked through every stage of the production process. Then again, it only takes one person to say yes, so while brighter minds are working on new ways to wear houndstooth, hk-ergonomics is taking us one step closer to being cyborgs.

The Hip Office is essentially a back brace with arms »