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Loosen Up


The nautical sweater has been kicking around for a while, but the knits keep getting looser, which is leading us to some surprising places.

Our Legacy’s latest collection adds a bit of fuel to the club collar resurgence, but the item that caught our eye was this cardigan. Aside from the tighter stripes, the mesh is so loose you can see through it. We’d recommend a light dress shirt underneath to make the most of it…but that’s just the beginner move.

Layering just got a whole new dimension.

Scotch Guard


Now that loose knits are taking off, it may be time to take another look at Scotland. They’ve been working on the loose sweater for a few centuries now, and mixed in with a Highland tweeds, it may the best equipment you can find for next winter.

Coventry is our favorite Scot so far. Coming from menswear vet Matthew Terry, the label combines traditional Shetland wools with a paint-it-black design aesthetic not that far from downtown staples like Comme Des Garcons.

They’re unveiling their F/W 09 line in a scant few weeks, but this sketch comes straight from Mr. Terry’s pad, which suggests there are a few plaid overcoats in our future.

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Get Loose


Loose-knit fabrics were one of the biggest trends to emerge from this season’s capsule show, and while we got a tiny taste of it with Raf Simon x Fred Perry’s S/S 09 collection, we’re now ready to upgrade it to a full blown happening.

This version is from Raf Perry’s Fall/Winter line, but we’d say approach it with caution. If you’re an undershirt type, you’re going to have a lot of glaring white peeking through…and even if you aren’t, you might have to worry about a few chest hairs making a break for it. It’s a good look if you can pull it off, but it’s not for everyone.

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