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Gant Rugger’s Tastemakers

  • Najib Benouar

Synergy can be a wonderful thing. For instance, when Gant Rugger designer Christopher Bastin was looking for inspiration for his fall line, his mind wandered to his plate (great menswear and great food both require impeccable taste). So when it came time to shoot the fall campaign, he looked to his favorite farm-to-table hideout, NYC’s Fat Radish. And ended up casting the actual proprietors and staff in the lookbook. In the first snap here, you’ll find the owners and FoK (friends of Kempt) Phil Winser and Ben Towill fourth and second from the right, respectively.

Consider it a success, because it’s got us hungry for fall.

The Five Most Promising Looks from Odin at Target

  • Najib Benouar

We like Odin. We’ve bought dish soap at Target. So naturally, we were curious to see what would happen when we heard the two were getting together.

The lookbook has just hit the interwebs, and on first glance, we think we like what we see. We’ll hold off final judgment till September 9, when the gear rolls out nationwide, but there are definitely some promising pieces in the collection—most notably, a navy pair of white-Vibram-esque-soled desert boots and what looks to be a take on the prepster gem known as a “fun shirt.” So we sifted through it all for your previewing pleasure.

A closer look at the best of Odin at Target.»

Bar Refaeli Is on a Tightrope

  • Kempt Staff

Unfair Isle: Drake’s fall lookbook has landed on Selectism and it’s all rakishly on-point as usual.[Selectism]

The ’90s Epitomized: MTV has just uploaded their archive of the House of Style, hosted by Cindy Crawford and frequented by Duran Duran and Will Smith. [MTV]

Now for Some Actual Onscreen Style: GQ has edited a supercut of the 25 most stylish movies of all time. Enjoy. [GQ]

Joining Us via Satellite: If you’re not going to make it to Lollapalooza next weekend, 48 bands’ shows will be webcast. Here’s the virtual lineup. [SPIN]

Falling for It

  • Najib Benouar

We’re suckers for some well-tailored windowpane checks and boiled wool—even if we’re safely into warm-weather territory right now. And lately, nobody has been doing it better than Lubiam. They’ve just unveiled their newest offerings for fall 2012, and they don’t disappoint. There’s a pleasantly surprising amount of red (it might be too early to call it, but we’re predicting a brighter-than-usual fall), unlined wool blazers and the typically handsome Italian-ness you’ve come to expect from their L.B.M. 1911 and Luigi Bianchi Mantova lines.

We’ve picked out some of their most inventive and crave-worthy fall gear after the jump.»

Gentlemen’s Club

  • Najib Benouar

Anyone not living under a rock for the past few seasons has watched Club Monaco up its menswear game by leaps and bounds. The materials have become more hearty, the cuts more modern, and the vibe: less yacht-hopping-Euro and more #menswear-poster-boy. In the center of this monumental evolution has been a man by the name of Aaron Levine. Since he’s been handed the design reigns, things have taken off—and if these new snaps for fall 2012 are any indication, his star is still rising.

Get a look at more good stuff to come after the jump, and keep watching the throne. (Rest assured, there’s plenty more where this came from.)

See more of Club Monaco fall 2012.»

Leah de Wavrin Is Making Sand Angels

  • Najib Benouar

Workwear That Works: The Carhartt Heritage lookbook is in—with healthy doses of both duck canvas and beards. [Hypebeast]

A Scotsman’s Advice: The Late Late slot can be a rough gig, but old Craig Ferguson seems to always make the best of it. (Like taking the show to his homeland.) [Vulture]

Pictures Worth a Thousand Bucks: Esquire gives us a look at the makings of a limited-edition Leica from Hermès. It’ll make your pictures more handsome. [Esquire]

Toy Story: Henry Ford decided he needed a wooden convertible to drive to his beach house. And the rest is history. [Driven]

One of These People Is Wearing Tom Ford

  • Najib Benouar

In Another Photo, Neither Are: Tom Ford’s latest lookbook is his raciest yet. (And that’s saying something.) Proceed with caution. [Selectism]

Come to My Window: Barneys New York catches up with the Brothers Ovadia—always nice to see them get some shine. [The Window]

Denim and Desert: William Yan spends a day with the Ramblers Bone fellows. Wearing at least two pieces of denim: mandatory. [WY]

Leaning on Hank Williams: The soundtrack list for Moonrise Kingdom has been released. You’ll also be pleased to know there’s still a lot of pitter-patter-y French stuff. [NY Mag]

Fall Forward

  • Najib Benouar

All this sun and warm weather has really got us looking forward to wearing... coats.

Once we got a whiff of what under-the-radar Italian outerwear label Esemplare was cooking up, fall couldn’t come fast enough. It’s the sort of rakish stuff that’s been blessed with the Italian touch of attention to detail and tasteful outlandishness—for example: the fishtail parka lined with cable-knit merino wool. Or the shearling-lined down anorak. It’s all such handsome stuff that we’d be remiss not to share it with you—regardless of the current temps.

Here’s a few more looks of what fall has in store. Get excited.»

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Summer Hat

The sun just woke up. And it is angry.

So while during the other eight months of the year, a brimmed hat might be a lovable affectation, we’ve entered the scorching stretch of days when that brim serves a vital function. You need shelter from the sun—and if possible, you’d like to do it without looking like a complete yokel. If you’re ready to move beyond the baseball cap, we’ve got three places for you to look...

Three prime options for your summer hat»

Trending: The Little Teapot

Tom Ford unveiled his fall/winter lookbook this morning, complete with the usual furs, scarves and playboy aviators. But this time, something was different.

The clothes are still great (at this point, that goes without saying), but we couldn’t help but notice that nearly half of the models were rocking a single hand on their hip—known to laymen as the “little teapot” pose.

To break the pose down in technical terms, this model’s right hand, propped on his hip, would represent his “handle,” while his left hand dangling free would represent his “spout.”

Sadly, short and stout models are still underrepresented within the industry.

The Hill-Side Strikes Again

The chaps at Hill-Side just unveiled their new lookbook, complete with cameos from some of menswear’s finest. (Also, a few dogs.) You can see the whole thing here, but first we wanted to pass along this pic featuring Kirk Bray of BillyKirk and Kempt’s own Paul Underwood. Not bad, boys. Not bad.

Shipley & Halmos Fall/Winter ’12 Line, Annotated

Shipley & Halmos’s latest fall/winter lookbook just arrived in our inbox, and as usual, it’s pretty sharp stuff. It’s got at least two of 2012’s signature items—the shearling coat and the unstructured fedora, for those keeping score—and the whole thing is just a little bit brighter than real life usually is.

To give you a sense of what you’re seeing, we’ve broken it down look-by-look after the jump. Take a gander…

Our favorites from Shipley & Halmos’s new fall/winter line»

A First Look Inside J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop

J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop opened earlier today in Tribeca, the first shop wholly devoted to their signature two-button suit. And nice guys that they are, they let us in for a look around. There’s a lot to see, including a rare look at the Ludlow’s inner construction and some typically handsome Drake’s gear. But we won’t ruin it all by talking; take a look after the jump...

Take a look at J.Crew’s brand-new suiting shop»