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The 10 Best Looks from the SS ’14 Books

  • Kempt Staff


It’s time to focus, gentlemen. Sure, there’s still snow on the ground, fall gear is being sent down the runways, and a pesky groundhog would like you to think otherwise, but: spring is right around the corner.

And believe it or not, the spring menswear is already trickling into shops. Which might be hard to wrap your head around at the moment, so to get you in the right frame of mind, we’ve put together a lookbook of lookbook shots ripped from the pages of our favorite S/S 2014 campaigns, to inspire—and remind—you how to dress for the warmer months to come.

Consider this your ray of sunshine breaking through the bleak horizon.»

The Kempt Holiday Lookbook

  • Kempt Staff


The holidays are upon us once again.

You’ve got turkeys to carve. Champagne bottles to open. Colleagues to glad-hand. Old acquaintances to get reacquainted with... You know, the usual.

And since we’re here to help guide you through it all as handsomely as possible, we’ve put together a little sartorial inspiration board for the occasions ahead of you—borrowed from this season’s best lookbook snaps.

We’re calling it the Kempt Holiday Lookbook.»

Don’t Lookbook Down

  • Kempt Staff


Believe you me, we’ve seen plenty of lookbooks in our day, but we were genuinely intrigued when the latest from Paul Smith came in over the transom.

Well, it’s not exactly a lookbook—it’s a quick video of two incredibly brave and well-dressed mountain climbers ascending a peak, stripping down and performing a white-knuckle high-wire act. Which is where the above frame comes from—this fellow is suspended 2,500 kilometers in the air with nothing but his wits and a pair of brightly striped skivvies. It’s a thrilling watch and worth a round of applause for its ingenuity.

Naturally, we’ve got the video for you here, after the jump.»

The 15 Best Looks from FW13’s Books

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We know. It’s summer. Your mind is a veritable View-Master of barbecues, long-weekend sojourns and scantily clad beach flings. But eventually, after the sand settles, and Mandy heads back to Vassar, it’ll be fall. And from what we’ve seen, you’re going to look fantastic.

Herewith, the definitive list of must-have sartorial trappings from our favorite Fall/Winter ’13 lookbooks.

Your Columbus Day weekend will thank us.»

Lovely Luggage, The Hill-side’s GIFbook and the Sartorialist’s Lunch for 25

  • Kempt Staff


Good Baggage: Ryan Plett shows us the proper way to travel: with a spectacular leather duffel bag and equally spectacular company.

Basq’ing: Basquiat was known for turning his apartments into live-in art installations, and it has just been discovered that an ex-girlfriend held on to one, untouched for 30 years.

Hollywood Squares: The Hill-side has just unveiled their latest lookbook in winning fashion: animated GIFs of pocket squares undressing and more cleverness.

Sart and Pepper: The Sartorialist hosts his third epic luncheon for 25 menswear greats. Dapperness and toasting ensue. Cue the video.

Frank Ocean in Band of Outsiders, Alton Brown’s Style and Your Bracket Cheat Sheet

  • Kempt Staff

Frank Ocean

Stay Tuned: Band of Outsiders is slowly unveiling their latest lookbook—starring neo-crooner Frank Ocean—over the next few days on their Tumblr.

Exquisite Taste: Well Spent finds some sartorial inspiration in the surprisingly LBM-laden wardrobe of television’s guru of gourmet, Alton Brown.

Cat in That Hat: Apparently, Dr. Seuss had a fantastic collection of Seussian hats, and they’re just now seeing the light of day in a new traveling exhibition.

Bracket on Case of Emergency: Deadspin has created a March Madness “meta-bracket” with annotations showing the picks of everyone from Nate Silver to Barack Obama—if you need to crib a few.

Menswear Bling, Bar Refaeli’s Instagram and Some New Suitsupply

  • Kempt Staff

Bar Refaeli

No Uomo: A Suitable Wardrobe extols the traditional virtues of menswear “bling.”

Filtered Filters: The enterprising techies at Complex were kind enough to rifle through Bar Refaeli’s Instagram feed to find the 25 most attractive shots.

Fear and Clothing: A sneak peek at Suitsupply’s new fish-eyed lookbook.

Cava & Halmos: Jeff Halmos of menswear label Shipley & Halmos and wife Lisa Mayock (of Vena Cava) give GQ a house tour.

A Spitting Image of the Holidays

  • Najib Benouar

We’re working off a hunch here, but you’ve probably got a few semiformal gatherings to attend in the upcoming weeks.

And if you’re looking for some guidance on what to throw on, the latest holiday lookbook from Gant Rugger is a pretty good start. The middle one here is our favorite of the bunch, but there are plenty more after the jump—whether you’re thinking jeans and a blazer or head-to-toe green. In addition to the snaps, Christopher Bastin et al filmed a short video featuring the clothes in action, some textbook champagne sabering and a fond kiss from an Emma Watson look-alike—all set to the curiously spot-on tune of “The Promise” by British New Wave band When in Rome.

Take a good look at all of it after the jump...»

Fall Colors

  • Najib Benouar

We’re heading into deep fall—and here’s your refresher course on layering.

This snap comes from the recently released fall ’12 lookbook of Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI line (you’ll recognize his houndstooth DB as a Fall Must Have) and is the spitting image of what you should be thinking for fall: layers, chunky knits and a shot of dark, rich color. (Though you might want to tuck in that shirt.) The entire lookbook is a good place to start if you need a reminder of how fall looks outside of a suit, so we pulled some of our favorite looks.

Your deep-fall refresher course, after the jump.»