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In Defense of Long Johns

  • Najib Benouar

Isaora Thermal Wool Long Johns

In our efforts to dapperly winterize your wardrobe earlier this week, we made a polarizing suggestion: long johns.

While we’d admit the pair we suggested were of the advanced variety, we’d like to assert that the idea—wearing thermal pants, not a full union suit, in your urban day-to-day—isn’t as crazy as it seems.

Just consider the amount of layering you do above the waist and compare it to the two layers (if you’re counting that swatch of cotton you call your underwear a layer) down below. Not even the thickest of boiled wool or heaviest of selvage denim is going to keep the chill of deep winter off your cozy-menswear-accustomed gams, no matter how closely tailored it is. And that’s where an extra layer comes in handy.

A further defense of long johns, with a foolproof user’s guide.»

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Going Under


Most of our winter gear tends to be bulky outer layers, but it may be time to revisit one of the unsung heroes of the ski set: the long john.

And thanks to Uniqlo’s heat-tech gear, they may be a bit slimmer than you remember. The latest models use special weaves to stay dry, trap in heat, and generally protect your bottom half. We’d opt for a non-waffled pair to preserve the drape of your trousers, but don’t be surprised if these trunks are thinner than you remember. We always knew technology was good for something…