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Bright and Stormy

  • Najib Benouar

The week has gotten off to a wet start on the Eastern Seaboard—and a trusty umbrella is key during the warmer months, when the stifling proposition of a waxed jacket is out of the question.

Right on time, Hypebeast has turned us on to a handsome collection at Club Monaco, made by the British craftsmen at London Undercover, with well-appointed wooden handles and shafts. The camouflage number is particularly on trend right now, but they’ve also got a blaze orange option along with your standard black.

Luckily, staying dry never goes out of style.

Take Cover


A shocking number of the world’s umbrellas seem to be of the ramshackle $5 variety—especially shocking since just a little bit more flair will get you one of the more handsome items in your closet. One of our favorite examples: this plaid union jack brolly from London Undercover. Their Slim Walker line is full of cheeky takes on the classic English accoutrement, including another lined with a photo close-up of a plate of fish and chips—in case you forget to think of England.