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The 10 Most Important International Menswear Openings

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


As enthusiasts of a well-tailored lifestyle, our quest for noteworthy handsomeness knows no bounds. We’ve trekked the farthest reaches; from Ibiza to London to Aoyama and back to bring you our next installment of the international store report. Think Savile Row tailoring, Japanese surf style and American heritage with some Hong Kong-ese topspin.

Presenting: the 10 most notable new storefronts overseas.»

The Five Gallery Shows to Put on Your Calendar

  • Kempt Staff


The well-documented punksploitation that happened on the Met Gala’s red carpet the other night got us thinking about our love for the impromptu gallery visit.

And with it, a new season of artistic exhibitions opening across the globe in the next few weeks. So we thought we’d survey the art scene to bring you the five gallery shows worth visiting the next time you’re feeling particularly artsy in London... or Houston...

Herewith, your seasonal dose of culture.»

Lawyers for Hobbits, Bad Writing Advice and New Corvettes

  • Kempt Staff

House Call: A Continuous Lean visits Dunhill’s flagship “retail home” in London. Handsomeness ensues.

Second Restatement: Wired asks a lawyer to analyze the validity of a major plot hinge in The Hobbit: the contract between Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves.

So Bad, It’s Good: Flavorwire tries to call into question some “bad” advice from famous authors, but it’s hard to argue with gems like “write drunk; edit sober.”

Vetting Process: On the occasion of the unveiling of Corvette’s newest, the 2014 Stingray, Gear Patrol charts the evolution of the legendary American muscle machine.

Drake’s Gets into Leather

  • Najib Benouar

Drake’s London has been making some of our favorite silk scarves, ties and pocket squares for some time now—and they’ve just branched out into leather.

It’s their first foray into tanned hide, so they’ve kept the collection small, but we’re most interested in the military wet pack now that fall travel season is upon us. It’s a dopp kit cut in bridle leather, with a bright red waterproof lining, and looks to be more spacious than most roll-ups we’ve seen in the past, with just about every shape of pocket that could possibly come in handy.

Yes, even one for your bone-handle straight razor.

Sponsored Post: Ted Baker London

  • Kempt Staff

Ted Baker wants to send you to London.

And all the Brit-based label wants in return is for you to check out the autumn/winter 2012 collection at Ted’s Grand House, the new ’20s-London-style trilevel mecca of impeccably cut shirts and chunky knitwear they opened yesterday on Fifth Avenue.

They’ll have an Instagram photo booth, prizes and Ted’s butlers serving you high tea. If you want to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, too: that’d be aces. It’s how you’ll keep abreast of any other vital afternoon-tea-and-shirting developments.

The Unkempt Prince

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it in a slightly less dickish way once, and we’ll say pretty much the same thing once again: Prince William looks like an associate at a top private equity firm.

The only difference is that associates at top private equity firms know that male pattern baldness, when on display, must be taken high and tight. And they know that this is not up for debate.

Now we will bow to you and be on our way.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Mayor Boris Johnson

He may very well be the least athletic man in all of London this week, but Mayor Boris Johnson is our pick for breakout star of the 2012 games.

There’s a whole lot to love about this guy: the foppish mop of impossibly blond hair, the eternally optimistic grin, the Buster Keaton–esque stunts—we’re on board for all of it.

Here he is celebrating England’s first gold medal yesterday by fearlessly taking the maiden voyage on Victoria Park’s new zipline, which lost the entirety of its zip halfway through the mayor’s passage. Witnesses report that Johnson spent nearly five minutes suspended in the air waving two British flags and leading the adoring audience below in celebratory song.

Tremendous, Mr. Mayor. A little short of superb, perhaps, but on cracking form. Don’t change a thing.

Lauren Auerbach Makes a Better Door Than a Window

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