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Who the Hell Is This Guy and Why Should You Care?

  • Najib Benouar


This is Bruce Chatwin.

And he was named as the inspiration for Burberry Prorsum’s S/S 2015 collection that just stepped off the runway in London.

It’s not often a label name-drops a style icon so obscure that we’re left scratching our heads. So we did some digging, and as it turns out, he really was one stylish dude—in addition to being a lifelong traveler and novelist. In other words, good inspiration for anyone looking for adventure.

All you need to know, in five iconic photos...»

Lindsay Lohan, Menswear Tube Tops and Celebrity Hate Tweets

  • Kempt Staff

[caption id="attachment_27188" align="alignleft" width="217"]J.W. Anderson Lead J.W. Anderson's London Fashion Week presentation[/caption]

Numerous Squats: Miraculously, Four Pins has tracked down the diary of a male model from the only runway show that mattered during London Fashion Week: J.W Anderson’s haute-baby-prostitute-meets-menswear presentation.

Lo and Behold: Here’s what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in an already-questionably-financed film.

Tweet and Sour: In the spirit of being laughed with instead of laughed at, celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.

Real Talk: Complex counts down the ten unspoken truths of the not-so-hospitable fashion world. Brace yourself.