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Lessons from Lollapalooza 2012

  • Chris LaMorte

One intrepid Kempt contributor (and UrbanDaddy Chicago editor) braved the insanity that was this past weekend’s Lollapalooza—if you haven’t heard, there was an unprecedented evacuation mid-festival as a storm quickly descended upon Chicago. Luckily, our man Chris made it out alive to tell the story. Here’s what we learned from his harrowing tale.

How to evacuate 60,000 people from Grant Park in 38 minutes in five easy steps...»

Bar Refaeli Is on a Tightrope

  • Kempt Staff

Unfair Isle: Drake’s fall lookbook has landed on Selectism and it’s all rakishly on-point as usual.[Selectism]

The ’90s Epitomized: MTV has just uploaded their archive of the House of Style, hosted by Cindy Crawford and frequented by Duran Duran and Will Smith. [MTV]

Now for Some Actual Onscreen Style: GQ has edited a supercut of the 25 most stylish movies of all time. Enjoy. [GQ]

Joining Us via Satellite: If you’re not going to make it to Lollapalooza next weekend, 48 bands’ shows will be webcast. Here’s the virtual lineup. [SPIN]

Dispatches From Lollapalooza

  • Chris LaMorte

Lindsey Gayle Evans

As you may have heard, there was a pretty big show going on in Chicago this past weekend, and we were lucky enough to have a man on the ground. After three days of untold debauchery, he returned to enlighten us on the ways of rock stars. Behold, Lollapalooza…

Prior to putting on a soon-to-be legendary rain-soaked rave to cap Lollapalooza this weekend in Chicago, electronic superstar Deadmau5 quietly milled about in the media tent.

But we missed him. We were distracted by a certain milky-white shoulder adorned with a somewhat tattered Deadmau5 sticker. We had to find out who it belonged to. So we tapped…

Meeting Deadmau5’s girlfriend, Miss October 2009»

A Day at the Park


Unfortunately, we were stuck a time zone away from the madness that is Lollapalooza, but our Windy City correspondent Chris LaMorte was able to keep us up to date with a few snaps and a few dispatches.

Our favorite t-shirt came from this gentleman, whose shirt details some of the more memorable eyeglasses of the past few decades. (For the record, we’re most partial to Mr. Fellini.)

As for the bands, here’s a quick roundup a few of the more memorable acts»