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Presenting: Your Weekend’s BBQ Party Playlist

  • Kempt Staff


Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and with it: the unofficial start to summer.

In preparation for the big festivities, this week we’ve helped you choose the right grilling apron, pick up a nifty bottle opener and learn the ins and outs of spending an entire three-day weekend pleasantly sloshed. And now, there’s only one thing left: the music.

There are a million ways you could go with this sort of thing, but there’s one theme that every barbecue party in America is going to have this weekend: summer. And that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive, multi-genre-and-era-spanning playlist in which each song either has the word “summer” in its title or the season plays a major part in its lyrics. And we conveniently turned it into a Spotify playlist.

Now all you’ve got to do is fire up the grill and press play.»

The Morning Edition

  • Kempt Staff

From the Feet Up: Esquire gives us a whiff of the newest offerings from shoemaker Berluti... for above the ankle. [Esquire]

Menswear Gets Weird: A particularly spot-on countdown of the most important menswear moments of the past year. [Four Pins]

Winning Time: And just in case you were wondering who “won 2012,” here’s a very scientific breakdown of that. [Grantland]

In Memoriam: An insightful reflection on the great people we said goodbye to in 2012—from spaceman to Beastie Boy. [NY Times]

Genesis Rodriguez Has Felt an Invisible Touch

  • Kempt Staff

via GQ

Checkered Past: T Magazine looks back at its favorite menswear stories of the year. [T Magazine]

Tuxedos and Don’ts: Sean “The Impossible Cool” Sullivan suits up in J.Crew’s newest suiting (a shawl-collar tux) and shares some black-tie advice. [J.Crew]

The Meh-ments: With all of the year-end roundups focusing on the highlights and lowlights of the year in sports, we almost overlooked the 10 “midlights.” Almost. [The Atlantic]

Politics Before the Cliff: Remembering that one time Ronald Regan went to Margaret Thatcher for sartorial advice. It was a simpler time. [Refinery29]

Everything Cut and Dry

  • Najib Benouar

Swift. Resolute. Steadfast. All qualities of a good decision maker. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have this nifty little Pro/Con Journal in your desk drawer—only to be retrieved when the really close calls need to be made.

When flipped open and laid flat, the spine splits two lists, delineating the pros and cons of, say, heading to Lake Como this weekend. By the time you’ve tallied up the lists and settled the score, your decision has made itself. And since it’s all written in one place, you’ll never have to ponder the same decision twice.

Counting Down


Print may be in bad shape, but the listicle is perfectly suited for the internet age. No matter how thorough the research is, there’s always a few bones to be picked…

For instance, we were impressed by the dent fashion folk made in Crain’s latest “Top 40 Under 40” list—including the Mme. Obama-approved Jason Wu and Steven Alan’s new chief executive Ed Rosenfeld—but what happened to the menswear crowd?

Naturally, we have a few suggestions»

Taking Names


AskMen just put up its list of the 49 most influential men of the year and, naturally, we’re furious we didn’t make the list. Of course, we would have been the only blogger other than Kanye

Now that we’ve gotten over the initial shock, we have to admit it’s pretty good work. It’s got its share of our favorite movie stars—The Cloon (22) and Robert Downey Jr. (4)— mixed in with who-the-hell-is-that picks, like Jonathan Ive (23), the design mastermind behind the iPhone, and Rob Kay (8), the brains behind Guitar Hero. On the style front, Kempt favorites Thom Browne (43) and Tom Ford (4) also weigh in, although we’re surprised Ford is so high and Browne is so low. Maybe the accountant look isn’t as popular as we thought.

But any list that puts Kanye two spots ahead of Ben Bernanke can’t be all bad.