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Irina Shayk Has Some Lingerie Advice for You

  • Najib Benouar

Irina Shaykvia GQ
No, Seriously: Ms. Shayk would like to give you a few tips on buying said underthings for your significant other... while she models them. (It’s the only way you’ll learn.) [GQ]

The Bad News First: You’re not getting rich off “the next Instagram.” The good news: we just learned there’s a website dedicated to pictures of cats with cash. [Buzzfeed]

The Even Better News: There’s also a new Tumblr dedicated to the impossibly romantic and woodsy charms of Bon Iver. Folksy gentlemen Casanovas everywhere, take note. [Bon Iverotica]

Sixto Sense: Seemingly relegated to obscurity in America—working odd jobs in Detroit after two failed albums—musician Sixto Rodriguez was unknowingly a superstar in a parallel universe: South Africa. A cinematic story, to say the least. [Huffington Post]

Candice Has a Fold-Out Futon

The Women of Now: Esquire commits to the grand product of photographing everyday women in their apartments in lingerie. God’s work, gentlemen. [Esquire]

The Cult of Streetwear: Ever wondered why people are so intense about Supreme? Here’s a multipart long-form piece to answer the question. [Business of Fashion]

Because of Coz: The Paley Center gives Bill Cosby some much-deserved love, from his stand-up years to the Huxtables. Love that guy. [NYTimes]

Canvassing the Block: The latest Lands’ End Canvas, courtesy of Justin Bridges. Handsome stuff all around. [tucked]

Olga Maliouk is Feeling Shiny


ROFL: Blush Lingerie scores a few well-earned points. The heels are sold separately. [SwipeLife]

Simon Says: Simon Spurr throws us some exceedingly kind words. [Forbes]

La Vie en Rose: APC’s Jean Touitou continues to be crotchety, declinist. [Selectism]

We’ll Always Have Thursday Afternoon: Past the 72-hour mark, Balloon Boy has veered off into kitsch. Luckily, NYMag is there to source the five best ironic anthems to bring this episode to a close. Play him off, metaphorical keyboard cat. [Daily Intel]

Take a Ride


Lingering: Refinery29 remains on the forefront of the lingerie beat. [Refinery29]

On Wheels: The Hef puts his old limo up for sale…but you might want to wash it first. [Luxist]

Hat to the Future: Future hats from Back to the Future Part II are now on sale. What a country. [Gizmodo]

Who Sane?: The Moment corrects your pronunciation of Hussein Chalayan with noticeable irritation. [The Moment]

It’s All on the Table


The Gift that Keeps On Giving: Dietrich’s lingerie line is going on our list for next Valentine’s Day. [Refinery29]

Pulled Up Short: Joel Plotch’s short film resurrects a Terry Southern story featuring a surprisingly pitch-free Hollywood lunch meeting. [Vulture]

File Under “Because it’s the Weekend”: Mme. Molly Lambert catalogs the smell of the world’s greatest musical acts. [ThisRecording]

Coco Puffs: A peek into Audrey Tatou’s Chanel short, from the Amelie director. [If It’s Here It’s Hip]

Breakaway Diplomacy


For all our differences, there are some things that transcend culture. And apparently edible panties are one of those things.

Der Spiegel just posted a surprisingly racy dispatch (via BlackBook) on the best places to find saucy lingerie in Damascus. (Usually alongside the laundry soap, it seems.) The piece goes on at length trying to explain why lacy underthings appeal to the Muslim world, but the answer is surprisingly familiar: they’re sexy.

More interesting is the fact that Syrian panty artisans have cornered the region’s unmentionables market. The differences from country to country are eye-opening to say the least. The piece tracks down Hassan Nasser from Damascus’ Rose Underwear for the following gem:

Jordanian women, he says, are respectable and practical-minded and prefer to buy cotton, while Saudi Arabian women like to feel covered up even in bed and hence prefer semi-transparent but long negligees… "I tell you, Palestinian women are the most interesting. They want sexy stuff—the saucier the better."

Good to know.

His & Hers

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We've expounded before on the extreme appeal of La Perla lingerie, which while eschewing the erotic theatrics of Agent Provocateur nonetheless manages to push all the right buttons. Their underthings, such as the flapper-esque concoction shown here snapped by our fearless lensman at a recent display of La Perla wares in NYC, seem calculated to appeal to sex-starved socialites and other such admirable creatures.

We were not aware however that the company also made the alarmingly snug swim trunks Daniel Craig sported in his debut as James Bond. Apparently he has refused to ever put them on again. Wise choice, old boy; some things are just not meant to have crossover appeal.

Live for Eva

  • Jared Paul Stern


We say one can never get enough of Czech supermodel and card-carrying Kemptress Eva Herzigova, so we welcome the latest installment in Karl Lagerfeld's episodic ad campaign for Dom Pérignon's 1996 Rosé Vintage champagne.

Especially as it requires Eva to lounge around in a luxury hotel room in her lingerie, getting soused on pink bubbly. In the Kaiser's scenario, she check's into the hotel and finds a handsome fellow rooming down the hall who apparently shares her obsession with Dom. A few establishing shots later, they're getting it on but manage to never spill a drop. Trust us, that isn't how it happened in real life.

Vodianova, Lagerfeld, and Europe’s Richest Man


French Love: The lovely Natalia Vodianova is trying her hand as a lingerie designer with an “unnamed French brand.” Here’s hoping she signs on for the ads. [SassyBella]

Lagerphobia: Apparently even Karl Lagerfeld is tired of Karl Lagerfeld. [Canadian Press]

Pack it in: The anatomy of a canvas pack. [A Continuous Lean]

Crash Course: Europe’s (former) richest man lost $28 billion over the past four months. Apparently he still has his health, as well as $17 billion. [Luxist]

Kemptress: Lydia Hearst

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We've had our eye on randy model/heiress Lydia Hearst for quite a while—following her progress with considerable interest, as Bertie Wooster might say.

She flaunts her charms to be sure, but somehow manages to avoid the Paris Hilton pitfall. And while not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, the provocative poppet certainly has a head on her shoulders, enough to be a good sport about it when Gawker takes the piss, as it's wont to do. (Darn that creative underclass!)

More on the heiress»

Holidays in Hell

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Publicists in these parts will do pretty much anything to garner attention for their clients; the invention of pseudo-holidays seems to be a tactic they teach in flack school for extra credit. Of course, the attempts vary in success.

The other day we were entreated to celebrate National Root Beer Float Day—despite the obvious paradox inherent in celebrating something to do with nonalcoholic drinks. Shortly after that we were informed of the imminent approach of National Underwear Day—sorry, make that the Sixth Annual National Underwear Day—presented by online unmentionables outlet

More on our reporter's journalistic endeavors»

Dita, Kimora, Paris and Red Lights Dimmed

Dita Von Teese

Tall Story: Kimora Lee Simmons is as much a "corrections officer" as she is a "designer". [The Newspaper]

Oui, Oui: Reports from Paris fashion week. [DNRNews]

Window Dressing: In Amsterdam, storefront prostitutes are being replaced by mannequins and some are noticing the difference. [London Times]

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra: Is all you need to know. [Vogue UK]

Fleet Afoot: One shoe in seven minutes. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Almost There: Coming Soon is coming, soon. [Material Interest]

Lingerie Legacy

  • Jared Paul Stern

La Perla

One of our favorite lingerie purveyors just celebrated its 50th anniversary in high style, and we feel it would be a gross dereliction of duty not to show you this picture of theirs in commemoration. La Perla ushered in its sixth decade of gloriously under-dressing women of taste worldwide the other night with a festive fete at their Madison Avenue boutique.

The evening featured *tableaux vivant* of models »