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The Five Things to Say During Fashion Week

  • Kempt Staff


The international fashion cognoscenti are descending upon Lincoln Center as we speak...

That’s right: it’s New York Fashion Week.

And while we usually like to give “capital F” fashion a wide berth, it’s worth being prepared—just in case your mother brings it up at the dinner table or you suddenly find yourself sharing a bar stool with a lithe Swede. (The city can get awfully crowded with half of Europe over here.) So we’ve put together this handy cheat sheet of talking points:

The five things to say during Fashion Week...»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Thom Browne

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Thom Browne

Last night, New York’s fashion elite flooded Lincoln Center in droves. Miles of silken-draped legs, notched lapels and graciously plunging necklines, all there to celebrate the next evolution of style and suiting at the 32nd installment of the CFDA Awards.

Top honors went to menswear elite Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown, Michael Bastian and our Man of the Hour, Thom Browne, taking home the title of CFDA’s Menswear Designer of the Year.

He swept the stage, accepting the award kitted out in the very same cropped-suit silhouette for which he is known.

Flashing a little leg will apparently get you everywhere.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Tyson Chandler

  • Najib Benouar

Tyson Chandler

At first, the luxurious coating of snow brought on by the weekend’s blizzard only added to the high-fashion-meets-winter-wonderland spirit of the street style photos being snapped outside of NYFW.

Then it all turned to slush. Navigating sidewalks in anything less than boots became a treacherous ordeal. But in the midst of the haute melee, one man, Knickerbocker Tyson Chandler, rose to the occasion—by swooping up his wife and whisking her to the safety of Lincoln Center. Naturally, the ever-present Tommy Ton was there to catch the moment while on assignment for The snap feels especially timely with Valentine’s Day on the horizon—not to mention a welcome dose of tenderness in the often unaffectionate fashion scene. To think, we once derided the seven-footer’s overly drapiness as the opposite of MOTH material.

Luckily, Mr. Chandler has more than redeemed himself.

Your Fashion Week Primer, from A to Z

  • Najib Benouar

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren Fall 2013 Preview

Today marks the first day of New York Fashion Week, and the international fashion cognoscenti are descending upon Lincoln Center as we speak.

And as any well-read menswear enthusiast will tell you, it pays to know what exactly all the fuss is about (especially if you find yourself suddenly sharing a barstool with your new Estonian friend or in a heated debate with your tailor). So with that in mind, we’ve prepared an A-to-Z primer of talking points and trivia that should get your through the spectacle that is NYFW.

Herewith, the ABCs of New York Fashion Week.»

The Street Stylers Have Become the Street Styled

If you’ve stopped by Lincoln Center in the past few days, you probably noticed the cloud of eager street style photographers, buzzing around the plaza and photographing each other like a #menswear Tumblr feed made manifest. (Count the cameras in the pic above and you’ll see what we mean.) It pops up every time there are enough fashion editors in one place, and never fails to amuse us. So we took it upon ourselves to document this phenomenon in case any other mini-Sartorialists want to join in and need some tips on dressing the part. We figure we got about half of them...

See the street style photographers of Lincoln Center»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Ralph Lauren

On the heels of yesterday’s vintage Ralph pic, we’ve managed to track down a slightly more recent picture. And it looks like the man hasn’t lost a step.

This snap comes from last week’s Lincoln Center gala honoring Mr. Lauren. The guest list was pretty impressive—but we’re more interested in that double-breasted tux, a broad-shouldered, small-waisted marvel that looks like it was transported direct from 1976. In a good way.

And lest you think it’s a nostalgia trip, his son managed to pull off a similar model just as well.

Apparently outsized elegance just gets better with age.

Being Frank

sinatra2_crop.jpgfrom LIFE

Frank Sinatra has been an icon of pre-counterculture masculinity for upwards of half a century now, but as anyone who’s heard “It Was a Very Good Year” can tell you, there’s more to him than the old playboy routine.

One example is Watertown, his 1970 sendoff dedicated to the isolation and despair that comes in the wake of a divorce, but Lincoln Center has dug up another paean to Frank’s softer side. It’s called Some Came Running, and it might be the most honestly emotional work he ever did…on film, at least.

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