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In the Fold


It took a little help from guest designer Isaac Reina, but our old pals at Limoland may have found the perfect venue for their cartoony style: the wallet.

After all, the restrained gentlemen of the world might balk at a bright orange raincoat, but be a bit more comfortable with a bright-blue wallet as an accent. The smaller the accessory, the more room there is to work. Maybe it’s time they tried their hand at cufflinks?

Take a Limo


To cap off our recent Japan fixation, we’re taking a look at Limoland, a Murakami-esque line out of (you guessed it) Tokyo.

The icon this time around is Limo, a wide-mouthed cartoon head adorning various brightly colored goods from totes to parkas to laptop cases. Some of it verges into M.I.A. territory, but we like Limo himself. We’ve seen enough logos that it’s nice to see a genuinely fresh face.

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