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A Silk Knit Rolex

  • Najib Benouar

Behold: the vintage Rolex of silk knit ties.

The horology-obsessed gents over at Hodinkee have just teamed up with the perennially dapper tie makers Drake’s London to come up with two limited-edition ties based on some legendary Rolexes. Our favorite of the two is this matte gray tie with creamy polka dots that mimic the way the dial and hands of a 1972 Reference 5512 Rolex Submariner have faded. They’re available for preorder now, but you can get first crack at them this weekend in NYC during the Pop Up Flea—the mythical bazaar of menswear co-helmed by our very own editorial director...

Stay tuned for more on what to expect from the guaranteed-to-be-epic PUF V, tomorrow...

Soup for You

A couple weeks ago, we came down pretty hard on the oversaturation of Warhol schwag, namely this giant Campbell’s range hood. Our views on this matter have not changed.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s iconic painting, Campbell’s Soup is distributing its tomato variety in a series of designer, Warhol-inspired cans. We’re told that you can pick up the entire set at Target for the remarkably fair price of $0.75 a can.

In other news, Campbell’s Soup is still in business.

Last Chance


Remember that crazy self-destructing fade-to-black film we were gushing about a few months back? (We won’t be hurt if you don’t.) As it turns out, the whole thing was a chemical misstep on the way to producing genuine, workable polaroids—so they won’t be making more of it any time soon.

The good news is, they’ve found 500 more packs kicking around the factory, and if you’re quick enough, you can snap one up.

But in the time it took us to write this, they sold six more packs. So sooner is probably better.

Balancing Act


Fabric scraps are having quite a year. First, they gave Looptworks a business model, and now they’re giving New Balance a few hundred shoes to play with.

This week, New Balance is launching the 574 Clips collection, a set of 480 shoes stitched together from pig-suede scraps in the semi-iconic 574 silhouette. And since they’re hyping their American manufacturing cred—as well they should, given the sneaker landscape—each pair will have “USA” stitched onto the tongue, courtesy of Lawrence, MA. (O amber waves of suede?)

Of course, just throwing up a few billboards wouldn’t be scrappy enough, so they’re getting a little creative»

Lucky 77


Apparently the limited edition trick isn’t just for t-shirts. Like anything, the trick is thinking big…

Aston Martin just launched their One-77 model with a production run of only 77 cars for the entire world. Of course, just getting an appointment to see one requires a 200,000 pound deposit, with an extra million to buy the thing, so they probably aren’t sweating the numbers.

NotCot is raffling off a tour of the factory where the car was made if you don’t have 200,000 pounds lying around, but we’re more interested in the business end. If you’re going after the high end (and Aston Martin has never been after anything else), why make more than 100 of anything? That is, as long as there are still enough millionaires in the world.