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Lily Allen is Unburdened


Sometimes a Cigarette is just a Cigarette: Ms. Allen puffs away in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. [Fashionising]

Ups and Downs: A list of when to find the best deals on just about anything. Apparently it’s currently sale season for sporting goods, bed sheets and carpeting. Now you know. [Lifehacker]

Ladies…: Mothers, lock up your daughters; Kempt editor Randy Goldberg is on the town. Glamour shots are available on request. [Guest of a Guest]

User’s Guide: An impressively thorough look at the joys and frustrations of Google’s latest iPhone challenger. [Gizmodo]

Ms. Allen, Mr. Obama, and Gisele’s Availability


The Seven Veils…: Lily Allen tries out Interview and apparently joins the army in the bargain. [FashionIndie]

The New Crew: Obama loves J. Crew more than we ever would have guessed. Does that mean we can look for a few v-neck sweaters in the months to come? [Racked]

TB + GB: Apparently Tom and Gisele aren’t quite as engaged as we thought. [The Cut]

The Best of the Best: The definitive Sundance roundup, if you were curious… [Vulture]