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Better Faster Stronger


The saying goes, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” But there should probably be something in there about lightbulbs too.

This one comes from global design firm Frog Design, and after five minutes we’re already converts. It’s light-bulb shaped (always a plus), more energy efficient than the average fluorescent unpleasantness, and its lifespan is measured in decades. They even drop a scattered leaf pattern on top to spread the light around. (These are dyed-in-the-wool design kids, after all.)

Of course, these days beating a path is as easy as putting up a blog post.

Planting Bulbs


This block lamp has been kicking around Swedish design circles (as well as MoMa’s gift shop) for a couple years now, but they’ve recently issued an amber-tinted block that gives the lamp some much needed shading.

The genius of the lamp is how it fits into a room. It’s certainly not a floor lamp—unless you’re going for that “emergency lighting” look—but it’s not exactly a table lamp either. It’s just a dangling bulb, rendered in a form that won’t break or burn down your apartment. It’s both bluntly utilitarian and such a radical departure that it’s hard to even call it a lamp.

Of course, we expect nothing less from the Swedes.

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