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The Lifetime Achievement in Navigators Award: Paul Newman


The great Paul Newman was so many things—actor, director, race car enthusiast, savvy businessman, generous humanitarian, devoted husband—that we occasionally forget about some of his other achievements. Namely: rocking navigator-style sunglasses so hard, we’re surprised the sun didn’t break at some point.

As we approach peak shade season, here’s some surprisingly flashy inspiration from a man who always managed to stay self-deprecating...»

The Lifetime Achievement in Flannel Award: Al Borland

  • Najib Benouar


Consider the flannel shirt.

It is the everyman of your fall wardrobe. It’s burly. It’s loyal. It’s got a no-nonsense attitude. It’s... a lot like Al Borland.

Which explains why he was rarely seen outside of one. Granted he was a television character, but still, he managed to exemplify the workwear staple in its Platonic ideal. He wore flannel shirts the way they were meant to be worn (and we doubt he was using a Japanese proxy to buy them). In an impressive array of plaids to boot. So we’d like to celebrate the man who unsuspectingly became the poster boy for the season’s most reliable item of clothing--by acknowledging his lifetime achievement in the art of napped cotton.

Here is your Borlandian master class in handyman style.»