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Caitlin Gerard is Heading Downhill

The Real Don Draper: In honor of the season finale, here’s the story of Draper Daniels (the inspiration for our Mr. Draper) and his style of courtship. Highly recommended. [Chicago Magazine]

Put the Book Back on the Shelf: The dangers of having an awesome library. [WSJ]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Axl: Waxing lyrical on a mug shot of Axl Rose at eighteen. That kid’s going places. [Paris Review]

There But For the Grace of God…: One man’s terrifying journey into the soul-destroying void they call “majeggings.” [Racked]

Lili is Stretching

Hitting the Books: In honor of collegiate weather, the RL chaps take a tour through the newly renovated New York Public Library in Bryant Park. [Rugby Blog]

The Car Makes the Man: On Friday, Sotheby’s is auctioning off James Bond’s Goldfinger-era Aston Martin, tire-destroying hubcaps and all. It’s poised to become the most expensive film vehicle ever sold at auction...but don’t let that stop you. [Word of Mouth]

Good and Evil in New Orleans: The true story of Banksy and his nemesis, the Gray Ghost, in a struggle to control the empty walls of New Orleans. [Web Urbanist]

The Modern Fairy Tale: I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how Werner Herzog saved Joaquin Phoenix’s life by pulling him from a gasoline-soaked car wreck. [Movieline]