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The Stat Sheet: Kith Letterman Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

It’s not often that trad and athletic apparel intersect. (And even less often that it looks even remotely wearable.)

So we were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this handsome jacket from the latest triple collaboration between NYC shop Kith, Scotland’s Harris Tweed and the Californian standard-bearers of the varsity jacket, Golden Bear. Here’s what else you should know.

The Story: Kith combined two of their loves, Harris Tweed and Golden Bear varsity jackets, to make a limited-run collection of two jackets and a vest.

Who to Channel: Michael J. Fox in the original Teen Wolf—if the movie were set in Edinburgh. (Not to be confused with Jason Bateman in Teen Wolf Too.)

When to Wear It: The quilted lining with the tweed and leather outer should have you in good shape through winter.

Degree of Difficulty: Low, as long as it’s the only article of tweed (or leather) you’re wearing. Exponentially higher if it’s not.

See the varsity jacket in its natural habitat, courtesy of Take Ivy, after the jump.»

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