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Bag Men


The New York Daily News chose today to delve into the treacherous world of the man bag, and the results were every bit as spectacular as you would expect. It looks like they wandered around Union Square for half an hour with a camera man, but great photosets have been put together with less. Especially when they contain pictures like this one.

This gentleman’s Leonello Borghi pack is pretty much the murse personified. From the outsized proportions to the flamboyant fringe, it’s what every straight man worries about when he sets out bag shopping. It also makes the gentleman in question look like he’s trying to smuggle a baby sheepdog onto the 6 train.

To be fair, the photoset does show off some handsome, non-ridiculous satchels from Filson, 3.1 Philip Lim and Banana Republic, but they all get upstaged by the fearless lunacy of Mr. Borghi. Shine on, you crazy bag man.