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Staying Cool at Coachella

  • Najib Benouar


Nothing brings out a gentleman’s most pragmatic sense of personal style more than facing the hot, hot heat.

And with Coachella kicking off its two-weekend run of concerts in the sweltering California desert tomorrow, there’s no better place to witness this firsthand—especially onstage, where true wills of sartorial resolve are tested.

Which is why there are some valuable lessons to be learned from those who manage to maintain a rakish poise even when performing high-kicks in the unforgiving desert sun. (Hint: sometimes you’ve got to embrace the sweatiness.) So we present to you...

The rock star’s guide to stylishly dealing with extreme heat.»

Driving Ms. Bundchen, Checking The Time and Blinded by the Light


Vampira Lives: Alabaster exhibitionist Dita Von Teese avoids the sunlight. We'll share the darkness with her any time. [NY Daily News]

Time Travel: Men's Vogue cast their eyes forward to the Patek Philippe exhibition at Tiffany & Co, offering us some jaw-dropping preview images. [Men's Vogue]

Courting the Bro' Vote: There are conflicting reports about who placed those Abercrombie & Fitch jokers behind Barack Obama at a campaign speech. If, as reported, this was the Obama campaign's attempt to reach out to young voters, it redefines "going negative" in our opinion. [WWD]

Tomorrow Never Knows: The Moment stares into the future and, as Kempt icon Leonard Cohen says, it's murder. That, and chairs made of stuffed animals. [The Moment]

Rocky Road: Our Gisele pairs up with Sly Stallone to film a Volkswagen commercial for Brazilian television. We've been scratching our heads all day on this one. [NYPost]

Check List: Señor David Coleman takes on the whole plaid-on-plaid mishigas. [NYTimes]

Day Trotters


After making their name with a hell of an album a few years back, The Walkmen have gotten a lot more low-key. They started out as O.C.-bound prepsters, but they always seemed more comfortable with drunken walks home than coke-fueled house parties.

So it’s fitting that they’d turn in an EP of Leonard Cohen covers from a ramshackle studio in the middle of Iowa.

Hear the Walkmen's take on the distinguished Mr. Cohen»

Leonard and the Rice Paddy

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

What we have here is a study in contrasts. You could call it old vs. new, youth vs. experience, or even the future vs. the past. On a purely sartorial level, however, we would just call this pic of Irish nouveau-folkie Damien Rice and Canadian-born singer/songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen good vs. bad.

At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's gala at the Waldorf-Astoria the other night, the great Cohen was inducted into that dubious institution. Rice performed one of Cohen's songs in tribute; he should have borrowed Cohen's classic evening clothes as well.

A study in contrast»

I Remember You Well


New York has changed a lot in the past thirty years, and though there’s a lot more glass and concrete than there used to be, there are still a few dinosaurs creaking around.

For instance, the Chelsea Hotel. Founded in 1883, the hotel was a favorite of Mark Twain, and in more counter-cultural days was host to Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Dylan, gaining notoriety with the stabbing death of Nancy Spungen.

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