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Fast Times at Le Mans

  • Najib Benouar

Jo Siffert

Nothing makes an iconic watch like sitting on the wrist of a racecar driver. Take, for example, Formula One legend Jo “Seppi” Siffert. By the end of ’68, he’d won the British Grand Prix, earned a seat at the lead driver’s wheel for Porsche, sped into the history books by winning the 24-hour Daytona and 12-hour Sebring endurance races within weeks of one another, and picked up the sponsorship of Heuer watches.

Naturally, we're curious about the watch…

Speed Racer


Although it’s mostly disappeared from genteel Eastern culture, racing was once one of the main force pushing the limits of technology, mechanical know-how and human endurance. Not bad, considering a lot of them were working without windshields.

ACL points us to these Le Mans shots taken over the course of the annual 24-hour competition. These particular snaps are from ’53, and it shows in the remarkable confluence of ties, hats, and short jackets. Just because they’re on the track doesn’t mean they can risk an open collar. Once upon a time, these were working clothes.

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