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Leighton Meester is Conducting Puppy-Related Experiments

The Man Behind the Network: David Fincher keeps a rifle on his desk and doesn’t suffer fools. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Ghost of Barbours Past: A trip down a memory lane made of waxed cotton. [Archival Clothing]

They Forgot Whiskey and Fireworks: Cavalier’s “Essentials” include aftershave, pliers and a knife. [SlamxHype]

This is Your Intervention: How to know when you’re checking in with your smartphone much too much. Step one is admitting you have a problem. [99 Percent]

Leighton Meester Has Been Practicing Her Sultry Look


Ms. Waldorf, We Presume: Maybe it’s time to start watching Gossip Girl. [GQ]

Way Out West: ACL takes a tour of San Francisco’s UNIONMADE. What is it about places with giant flags? [A Continuous Lean]

Heavy Stuff: The well-aged charm of the medicine ball (and where to pick one up). [Valet]

Woah: The 12 trippiest drug scenes in the history of film, in order of batshit audacity. Iguana not included. [Vulture]

Top of the World, Pa


Say It Is So: In the wake of the apparently real Leighton Meester sex tape, Alex Balk makes sense of it all. [The Awl]

Revenge of the Fallen Critics: Surprisingly, the emerging critical consensus on Transformers 2 is less than sunny. [Movieline]

On Vibrate: The first iPhone vibrator makes it to the Apple store, and the world will never be the same. [Gizmodo]

Back in the Day: Refinery29 puts together a father’s day gallery with some of the previous generation’s best specimens. Apparently Phil Oh’s dad was a badass. [Refinery29]

Leighton, Sarah, and Louis


Girls Gone Somewhat Wild: Terry Richardson redeems himself yet again, providing art for the 18th Gossip Girl-related cover story so far. [Rolling Stone]

Boyish Charm: In case you needed more Band of Outsiders… Sarah Silverman takes over for Kirsten Dunst with Band of Outsiders latest “Boy” shoot. [The Moment]

Westward, Ho: Michael Williams heads to SXSW…and we are jealous yet again. [A Continuous Lean]

Clash of the Titans: Louis Vuitton takes Google to court over copyright infringement. Which side will Kanye choose? [The Cut]

Leighton, Fleas and Teddy Boy


Gossip: Leighton Meester’s Reebok spots have us reconsidering our stance on sneakers. [FashionIndie]

New Slang: NYMag brings us up to date on something called “Teddy Boy.” Apparently it’s not just a cockney epithet anymore. [The Cut]

Colored Pencils: The exceedingly twee world of pencil art. [NotCot]

Trained Fleas: A quick tour of the Brooklyn Flea, as curated by some of our favorite bloggers. [Cool Hunting]