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The Weekend Sales Report Card: Memorial Day Blockbuster Edition

  • Kempt Staff

Weekend Sales

We’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend... and this one is shaping up to be a real doozy.

For the Billy Reid Effect: Mr. Reid is shaving 20% or more off a wide range of menswear—it’s heavy on the shirts, but there are some blazers and even sweaters in the mix. Discount: B Sizes Available: B- Selection: B+

For the Single-Needle Shirting: Steven Alan is knocking 50% off a good selection of menswear—you can find some steals if you get lucky with the sizes. Discount: A+ Sizes Available: C+ Selection: A-

For the Hard-to-Find Euro Brands: Take 30% off everything in the webshop at C’H’C’M’ with the code Memorial through Monday. Discount: A Sizes Available: A Selection: A+

For the Americana-Heads: Left Field and sister brand Choctaw Ridge are taking 15% off their entire stock with the code Memorial15. Discount:B Sizes Available: A Selection: B+

More of the good stuff on sale, after the jump.»

Camille Rowe Is in Sweater Mode

  • Kempt Staff

[caption id="attachment_25489" align="alignleft" width="217"] via Fashion Faves[/caption]

Field Day: Valet catches up with Left Field founder Christian McCann to talk Americana and rare Japanese tweed. [Valet]

Sight for Sore Eyelets: Mr. Mort takes his fine-tuned eye for vintage to the Manhattan Vintage Gentlemen’s Vintage Show. Vintage-fueled synergy ensues. [Mr. Mort]

Strong Bow: An interview with the newest bow tie maestro on the scene, Otis James. [GQ]

Following Suit: Vulture sits down with a bespoke tailor to learn the recipe for a Bond-worthy suit—one with room for motorcycling and ass-kicking while still looking dapper. [Vulture]

The Stat Sheet: Left Field Tweed Trouser

  • Najib Benouar

Chances are, if you’ve already got a tweed blazer, it’s getting some regular use. But for those of you not quite ready to commit to the tweed jacket, we’d suggest easing into it with a pair of tweed trousers. Like these US-made Japanese-tweed tailored pants from Left Field. Here’s what else you need to know about them.

The Story: The NYC-based label Left Field has been doing Americana since the ’90s—back when the majority of their sales were shipping straight to Japan—and lately they’ve been gaining major traction in the US. Especially in regards to their flannels and new tailored update to their pant cuts.

Who to Channel: A tenured professor; a British aristocrat at his country estate; Donald Sutherland casually walking along the Cliffs of Moher.

When to Wear Them: The brisker it gets, the more your legs are going to want to be wrapped in tweed every day. Wear them with any overcoat you own—get country gentleman with a waxed jacket, or city gentleman with an oxford cloth button-down and wool tie.

Degree of Difficulty: The more tweed you add to your getup, the higher the degree of difficulty. If you’re going to try a blazer with these pants, it’s best not to closely match the two—go with a navy or brown herringbone, make it obvious you’re wearing two different tweeds. Adding a tweed newsie cap might be going too far... unless you’re Donald Sutherland.

A young Donald Sutherland shows how it’s done, after the jump.»

The Short End of Summer

  • Najib Benouar

We’re not out of the summerwoods just yet.

And the most recent attempt to endorse men’s shorts by the NY Times’ Sunday Style section reminded us of a pair that should do the trick: the Angus Young short from Left Field. They’re slim, hit above the knee and come in just about every color your favorite chinos do (h/t Well Spent). Plus, they’re on a tail-end-of-season sale (though, for those of you in the South and West, there’s still plenty of time to get some good mileage out of them).

Just remember the rules on shorts suits.

Candice Swanepoel Is Patiently Waiting for You to Finish with Your Tie

Bringing Back the Old Drake: A long interview with Michael Hill of Drake’s. It turns out the grenadine and shantung ties are their best sellers—and, coincidentally, also our favorites. [StyleForum]

Ad Rock: Creative Review’s best ads of the year include both Ice Cube’s Eames mash note and that little Vader kid. A great way to spend five minutes. [Creative Review]

At the Caff: The cafeterias of ’50s London were pretty stylish places. [Archival Clothing]

It Is Joined: A walking tour of Brooklyn’s newest boutique, complete with Hill Side ties and Left Field jeans. [Secret Forts]

The State of the Khaki

The khaki is having a good year.

Our Exhibit A is this pair from Brooklyn’s own Left Field, which sports a herringbone pattern so subtle, you won’t even see it unless you’re looking closely; it’ll just look a little more weathered than your average chino. Throw in a decidedly non-skinny cut and you’ve got one of the most versatile pairs of pants we’ve seen all season.

And if you don’t feel like dropping $180 just yet, we’d direct you to Exhibit B, Dockers’ Alpha Khaki, a surprisingly rugged item that hit the $60 sweet spot on the Dockers site earlier this week.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Sleepwear

As the weather slowly turns brisk, you may notice a particular morning chill hitting you the first moment you pull back the blanket. Before too long, you’re going to need to start wearing a few extra layers to bed. The only question is exactly how dapper those layers are going to be.

But don’t answer now. Let’s explore your options first...

The two choices before you»

The Junkyard Watch

Left Field

There’s a lot to like about Left Field—they make a pretty good polo shirt, for instance—but we can all agree this gentleman (from their latest lookbook) would look a lot better if he were in some sort of chalet/yacht setting, instead of glowering into the middle distance while clutching a firearm. But someone had to guard the junkyard…

The Contrast Polo

Contrast Polo Shirt

The polo shirt hasn’t changed too much in the past few decades…but it’s never too late to learn a few new tricks. And this summer, that means contrast collars.

It’s the same offbeat vein Fred Perry has been mining for years, but lately Band of Outsiders has gotten in on the game with some pretty handsome items as well.

But our favorite of the bunch is this one from Left Field, a brand that’s been creeping into our favorite shops quite a bit this season. Something about the heathered front and the floral jolt on the placket puts this at the head of the pack—although something tells us we’ll see plenty more over the next few weeks.