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Seven Deep Thoughts on the Headband

  • Najib Benouar


If you haven’t been following the NBA Finals, well, that’s a shame. But you’re in luck because you haven’t missed the grand finale—tonight is Game 7.

And to get you up to speed, here’s what you need to know:

A) You’ve been missing out on arguably the most exciting series since the Jordan era.

B) Of all the storylines that have emerged, the most captivating one happened late in Game 6: LeBron James lost his signature headband during play, and in a reverse-Samson-effect, he seemed to gain power from shedding the headwear, willing his team to a spectacular overtime victory.

C) Which brings us to:

Seven deep thoughts on the headband...»

The Evolution of LeBron’s MVP Style

  • Najib Benouar

LeBron James

It’s good to be king.

LeBron James picked up his fourth NBA MVP trophy over the weekend, wearing a suit as equally spectacular as his feat: a well-cut navy kit featuring a Cucinelli-esque 1.5-breasted jacket with peak lapels (and an unfussy usage of pocket square to boot).

It’s advanced coursework in NBA suiting and shows a marked maturity over the louder, more adventurous stuff we’re seeing at postgame press conferences from the youngsters these days. But James’s style maturation didn’t happen overnight. Looking at the past five years of LeBron’s MVP-dom (stretching back to his stay golden years in Cleveland), the guy has come a long way.

An investigation of the MVP style evolution of LeBron James.»

Samantha Gradoville Has Braced Herself

  • Najib Benouar

Carven Turkey: Take a look at the clothes behind “the most buzzed-about presentation” we mentioned in Tweetti Uomo. []

Hot Hot Heat: Coming from a scorned Cleveland fan, LeBron deserves some credit. (But that doesn’t mean you have to like him.) [Esquire]

Ritzers in Paris: Vanity Fair takes a nostalgic look back at one of the most storied hotels on earth: the Paris Ritz—from Hemingway to Proust to Bergman. [Vanity Fair]

Secret France: The beaches of France are old hat—skip the Riviera to explore the lakes and rivers that have stayed secret to all but the most savvy visitors. [The Telegraph]

Would Michael Jordan Let Someone Else Be Frontman?

This unlikely jazz combo comes from a Rémy Martin party last night, in celebration of Chris Bosh’s 28th birthday. (He’s the one on the left, for non-ESPN-watchers.) Naturally, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade tagged along, and before long the Heat’s big three had formed an impromptu jazz trio.

It’s always nice to see Wade showing off his bolero skills, but we’re more concerned with Mr. James’s position on the drums. There’s something troubling about seeing him there, the same feeling we’ve felt in more than a few Miami Heat games recently—a single, soul-consuming thought that explains the cloud of disappointment that’s followed King James his whole career.

Maybe LeBron James is a drummer at heart.

Here’s what we mean, and why it would be a terrible thing»

The Kempt Guide to the November Issues

If you haven’t checked your mailbox recently, we’ve got some good news. Another round of glossy style advice has arrived on the nation’s collective doorstep, and In fact, this month’s haul was particularly interesting because of Esquire’s latest Big Black Book—a glossy tome filled with all the intricacies of style too involved for the general subscriber base. That means dark rum, exotic leathers and all manner of Italian suiting.

Of course, it’s not all good advice—so we’re stepping in to tell you what to read, what to try and what to avoid at all costs.

Here’s everything you need to know from this month’s glossy magazines...»

The Etiquette of the Hug

It can be hard to know, in general, how to behave. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to lay it all out in one place—an etiquette column to end all etiquette columns. We’ll be tackling one befuddling situation at a time until all awkwardness has been driven from the earth. Take it to heart.

It’s a familiar moment: you’re coming to the end of an evening with a friend or business associate. He’s headed to his car and you’re headed to yours, but first you need some final physical gesture to mark your parting.

The standard is the handshake—a firm, businesslike way to conclude an interaction. It’s a perfectly respectable option (despite what the germophobes might tell you), but if you feel a sudden surge of fellowship, you may decide to go in for a hug.

At which point, things may become more complicated...»

Lonneke Engel Is Weekending In The Hamptons


None Too Pleased: Today's sports blotters have been full of scathing reviews on LeBron's announcement, but the guy who wrote the book on LBJ (literally) puts it best. Miami was a poor decision. [VanityFair]

Smells... Strong: The long-awaited arrival of Bruce Willis' eponymous scent has finally landed in European perfumeries. Eat your heart out Gheorghe Murisan. [Geekosystem]

Sixth Sense: Paul the psychic squid has predicted Spain victorious in Sunday's World Cup Final. Much to the chagrin of his homeland, Germany, Paul has yet to be wrong. [BBC]

Hot Summer In The City: US Royalty frontman John Thornley demonstrates the proper way to end a night of partying on the roof of The Standard. It involves the sunrise. [JakeDavis]

Duck and Cover


Since fashion magazines exist mostly to be talked about, it’s hard to know what counts as a controversy.

For instance, what should we make of the squabble over *Vogue*’s April cover? Various blogs took Annie Liebowitz's Lebron-Gisele pairing as a racially-inappropriate King Kong reference. (For the record, we were more concerned with the effect on Lebron’s shot at the championship.)

But making the press rounds, there haven’t been many folks willing to weigh in. The NAACP has gone on record saying it prefers to deal with “weightier issues,” a back-handed way of saying, “don’t call here again.” LeBron himself seems to think the playoffs count as a weightier issue.

And he’s probably right.

Liz teams with Donna, Tommy vs. Diesel and BronBron nets Gisele


LeBron Shoots: King James takes his career—and Tom Brady's girl—in his hands by posing next to Gisele "Game Killer" Bundchen on the cover of Vogue. [NYMag]

Land War: Join the fight as Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger battle for control of Manhattan in a Fifth Avenue cage match to the death. [Antara and DNRNews]

Girls Dressing Boys: Liz Claiborne and Donna Karen International are teaming up on a new DKNY line. Neither Donna or Liz will be involved as they are retired and dead - respectively of course. [Reuters]

Fashion Capital: The fashion industry is already chasing after New York's awesomely non-disgraced new Governor. [DNRNews]

Spank Rock: An Irish "Sperm for Tickets" scheme gets way out of hand. Sorry about that. [NME via Radar]

Paris, je t'aime: Next time you're strolling by the Seine, pop into the stunning April 77 store. [Refinery 29]