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The Prohibition-Era Leather Jacket

Schott Jacket

Here’s a dispatch from biker history: when Schott rolled out their now-classic Perfecto jacket, it was the first zippered leather jacket anyone had ever seen. Which means all the biker jackets before then were a little more…peacoaty.

Kind of like this, in fact. This is Schott’s best approximation of the 20s-era moto jacket (give or take a few zipper pockets), arriving with the rest of their spring/summer ’12 gear. Of course, we’re still partial to that legendary zipper, but if you’re looking for an offbeat twist, it could be just the thing.

Maybe it’s more of a Vespa jacket…

The Portable Bomber


It looks like Schott's not the only one trying out a lighter take on the classic leather bomber. Behold, Engineered Garments’ Explorer Jacket, a twist on the classic Schott silhouette and fabric straight from a trench coat.

It's good for a couple reasons. First off, it brings the bomber into warm weather with the breathable poplin. It also addresses a certain portability issue that plagued the old, heavyweight Schott—well-known to anyone who's gotten an incidental upper-arm workout from carrying around their bomber all day. This version is lightweight and plays well with suitcases and coat-hooks, which means you may end up getting a lot more wear out of it.

In short, it's a mint green Vespa to the Schott's Ducati.

Details is Slowly Turning into Playboy

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Stay in School


Public School made a pretty big splash when they landed last year, but they’ve only been refining their look in the time since then.

There aren’t too many surprises in the latest collection—the big one is the introduction of a Thriller-esque red to their usually monochromatic palette—but they’re still the go-to label for anyone that wants a grittier take on modern style. There’s lots of leather jackets, a few chains, and a general no-nonsense attitude. For all the labels trying to make their models look good, Public School is still the only one that makes them look tough.

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At Last, Doing Justice to Leather


We said before that most leather jackets out there are just mistakes waiting to happen. Well, finally one that we like has fallen into our laps, and despite the timing—97 degrees and rising—good-looking leather is hard to come by, so we thought we'd share the wealth.

French DJ team Justice has teamed up with art and clothing boutique Surface 2 Air to bring you this new twist on a classic look. Not as Ramone-esque as most of the other options out there, and definitely stylish enough to not be confused with a motorcycle jacket, it should fit nicely in your closet somewhere between your summer linens and fall pea coats»