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The Live Album


For anyone you know well enough to talk music with, the right album can be a brilliant gift. The trick is finding one you know they’ll like, but they haven’t even heard of. Our solution, the live album.

In particular, we’re thinking of LCD Sounsystem’s London Sessions, a live tour of one of the more interesting discographies of the decade. If you’ve got anyone on your list who was gushing about This Is Happening when it came out in April, this Abbey Road session should be just about perfect. It’s not essential listening—if it were, they’d already own it—but as cake-icing goes, it’s pretty tasty.

The only downside is, it won’t be available in physical form until February. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative with a CD burner.

Ruby is Being Hypnotized


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It’s Happening: LCD’s James Murphy shares his wisdom and karaoke picks—specifically Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” Well done. [Opening Ceremony]

The Top is Down: Steve McQueen’s ’58 Siata 208S (that translates to “beautiful red convertible”) has found its way to eBay. Commence yearning. [Autoblog]

Padding: What to expect from your iPad. Apparently it makes a lousy tennis racquet. [CrunchGear]

The Grownup


Aging hipsters have been kicking around the margins of the scene since the 60s—a little too tired to dance and a little too grizzled to expect a rock band to change their life—and for all the flack they take from the younger generation, they’re among the more interesting people at any given party.

All of which is to say, the new LCD Soundsystem album is pretty damn good, and we’re coming around to James Murphy as a skinny-tie-wearing, 80s-dancing icon for our times. As it turns out, adulthood doesn't just mean a square job and a fear of hangovers.

He’s more curmudgeonly than anyone else making dance music—but thanks to an extra decade or two, he's pretty damn good at it. Give him the right backing track, and he even comes across as wise.