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Rating LBM's Spring/Summer Lookbook

Those L.B.M. 1911 blazers we showed you last month have finally gotten the lookbook treatment, and the resulting pics are pretty spectacular. They’re also... how to put this... ridiculously Italian.

It makes sense. After all, L.B.M. is a 100-year Milan brand, and not absolutely everything is going to work across the Atlantic. But in the interest of keeping the Italophiles honest, we’ve put together a guide to separate the flashes of menswear brilliance from the flashes of chest hair. Gentlemen, things are about to get real...

Time to separate the wheat from the chaff...»

LBM 1911 Returns

There are a handful of brands guaranteed to drive the Italophile bloggers crazy—your Isaias, your Bogliolis—but for some reason, LBM 1911 attracts more lust-worthy glares than any other.

Part of it’s the price point—LBM is the more affordable counterpart to Lubiam, so they manage quite a few aristocratic items for plebian amounts—but it’s also just plain good stuff. Their stock in trade is the subtly checked blazer, but it’s usually a little more windswept than the Cucinelli counterpart—just that much easier to wear.

And if you need firsthand evidence of all that accessible elegance, look no further than their newly arrived spring/summer ’12 lookbook—featuring as many lust-inspiring blazers as we’ve ever seen in one place. Well, at least outside of Yoox...

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