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Italians, Socks and a Little Bit of Chung-Chung


Il Bue Che Dice Cornuto All'asino: Italy bans Tom Ford ad because of their long tradition of high-minded, unporny public discourse. [Radar]

The Distinguished Gentleman From Milan: In related news, Santo Versace, business manager of the family label, has joined Italy's Parliment. [WWD, 2nd item]

"Masturbation Cuts Cancer Risk": Well, in that case, maybe we'll try it some time. [BBC]

Slip Ons: Socks for men without shoes. [Men's Vogue]

Ripped From the Headlines: Our very own Jared Paul Stern is set to be detonated in effigy in an upcoming episode of "Law & Order." We couldn't be more proud. Also, Chung-chung. [NY Daily News]

Ring of Fire: Like a ribbon 'round your finger, this accessory will remind you of appointments or anniversaries or burn you in the process. [Uncrate]

Beggars and Choosers: A probing piece about the difficulties of funding and presenting at Fashion Week. [Papierdoll]

Monroe Doctrine: The Marilyn sex-tape fantasy goes "pop" in 1,460 words. [Defamer]

Members Only: A jacket checklist for these windbreaker months. [Refinery29]