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Re-Auction Time


Christie’s auction of Gert Elfering’s private collection came to a close yesterday, allowing us to attach a dollar value to nudity.

Most notably, our favorite first lady ended up just shy of six figures, pulling down $91,000 for a full-frontal Michel Comte snap from 1993. The more striking Lauren Hutton pic (at left) went for $127,000, but we’re sure having Richard Avedon’s name attached didn’t hurt.

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Auction and Adventure


Tomorrow, Christie’s is auctioning off the private collection of Gert Elferling, a collector who has apparently spent the last few decades compiling erotic shots of some of the most beautiful women in the world. The auction contains lots of familiar faces and it’s already making waves for more than a few of our favorite people.

Notably, our boy Sarkozy is facing some embarrassment from the British press as the auction features a nude shot from Ms. Bruni’s wilder years and coincides with his first Bruni-assisted visit to the UK.

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