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David Letterman, a Style Retrospective

  • Najib Benouar


If you haven’t heard, David Letterman is riding into the late-night sunset “sometime in 2015,” to be replaced by Stephen Colbert. (Also: how are you enjoying that rock you’re living under?)

It’s somewhat earth-shattering news, really. Letterman is the last of the old guard—he spent the better part of the past four decades defining what a late-night host is supposed to be in America. And what one's supposed to look like. There were the big-rimmed glasses. Then came the giant shoulder pads. Followed by a whole lot of pinstripes. Then there was that run of billowy double-breasted suits that he just refused to button. But toward the end he’s reverted back to his sartorial sweet spot, the trad two-button blazer and power tie. What we’re saying is: it’s been one helluva ride.

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