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The September Issues

  • Najib Benouar

September is a big month in the print world of menswear. It sets the tone for the following season (and, effectively, the remainder of the year).

It also means the page counts are at their bulkiest—so many woolen things, so little time. And in our continued dedication to sussing it all out, we’ve thumbed through the 1,000-plus pages (we’ve thrown in the bonus round of Vanity Fair since they’ve weighed in on the year’s best-dressed men) just for you.

Let’s dig into the September issues, shall we...»

Alicia K Has Misplaced Her Hairbrush

  • Kempt Staff

Vegas Baby: GQ rounds up the 10 trends they noticed at Las Vegas trade week. (Ryan Lochte, notwithstanding). [GQ]

Bond on Bond: Roger Moore proclaims Daniel Craig as the best Bond to ever don a dinner jacket in the name of Queen and country. [BBC]

Don’t Be a Slouch: A handy visual guide to the common causes of ill-fitting suits. [Put This On]

We Couldn’t “Like” The 90s: A countdown of the 90 best gadgets from the 1990s—which just reminded us that the Tamagotchi existed. [Complex]

Betting On the Gatorade Bath

As gentlemen, we would never bet on the outcome of a sporting event. Luckily, we don’t have to.

Come Sunday, we’ll be betting on the outcome of the national anthem, the halftime show and the ceremonial pouring of the Gatorade. They’re part of a slew of online prop bets that have popped up in anticipation of the Super Bowl. And to guide you through the thicket of wagers, we’ve collected seven of our favorites, along with expert analysis of each one.

It’s time to bet the mortgage. There’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong.

Our seven favorite Super Bowl bets, and our wager on each one»

The Suits of Crime

See it full size.

One of the best parts of Casino is the endless parade of exquisitely tacky suits worn by Robert De Niro over the course of the film. (It was Vegas in the 80s, after all.) But if you don’t feel like sitting through three hours to see them all, a clever designer just rounded up 45 of the salmon- and mint-hued wonders for this tribute poster. Do not, under any circumstances, use it as a shopping list.

City of Wonders


Vegas has had a tough couple of years, but it’s still a leading contender for the most interesting place in America…and it still makes for some great pictures. This one shows Interstate 15, just outside the city, and it comes from Strip Search, a photographic journey through everything Vegas has to offer, from pink Cadillacs to packed boxing arenas.

More importantly, it’s got a reprint of one of the best essays ever written about the city, Tom Wolfe’s early-60s opus, “Las Vegas (What?) Las Vegas (Can't hear you! Too noisy) Las Vegas!!!!”—you know, the one that begins with a paragraph-long repetition of the word “hernia.” You can read part of it here if you’re intrigued, or just wait for the book in full.

Fear & Loathing in Menswear

mwilliams_crop.jpgRag & Bone

Kempt compatriot and American hero Michael Williams (better known as the man behind A Continuous Lean) is out in Vegas for the Project trade show. Things got a bit weird, but he managed to file the following dispatch for Kempt. Godspeed, Michael!

Being in the apparel business, coming to Las Vegas trade shows are a necessary evil. The adventure begins at the airport when you see twenty people you know load in to what is endearingly referred to as the "garmento express," a plane where you can't walk to the bathroom without hearing someone say "feel this quality." Once you arrive and get yourself settled in, the ping pinging of the slot machines gives way to the soft embrace of convention center fluorescent lights.

More info and photos from the western front»

Loose Threads: Vegas Edition


While we heartily enjoyed our stay in Vegas, we couldn’t help but notice that as a style town…things are getting a little sloppy.

It’s not all that surprising. Having made its name on excess of every kind, we don’t expect the Las Veganese to suddenly embrace subtly refined tailoring or jackets that aren’t covered in fur...but it's still much much worse than we thought. These snaps both come from the MGM Grand’s Bernini and offer a more serious warning than we ever could. It would be nice to try on, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

On the Road


At long last, we have arrived at CES…but unfortunately the mighty power of Energi-to-Go was not enough to force the airline industry into competence. So, after a five-hour delay and various fun with baggage handlers, we were greeted with the disheartening scene above. Although the subwoofer arch from Vibe does look pretty awesome.

Expect our savage journey into the heart of consumer electronics to continue with a little more gusto tomorrow.

And in case you’re curious about the logo on that coffin/speaker in the middle»

Gadget City


As we mentioned before, we’re on the cusp of an epochal trip to Las Vegas’ own Consumer Electronics Show, with the help of our trusty sponsor Energi to Go. But since the show is roughly the size of Nevada, we thought we’d appeal to our beneficent readership for a few pointers on what you’d like to see.

Anyone yearning for news on the latest Blackberry? Want to see how flat the flatscreens get these days? If so, drop us a line.

On the Move


The world isn’t all work boots and cardigans, so as of next Wednesday, we’re heading off to Vegas’ own Consumer Electronics Show to scout out a few new gadgets for the new year.

As for how we’re getting there, we’ve found a brand new gadget to pay our way. Say hello to Energi To Go, an egg-shaped trinket powerful enough to charge your phone or blackberry for nine hours or send your favorite blogger to the adult entertainment capital of the world. It runs on two AA batteries, and contains more than 130 square miles of gambling, vice, and generally raucous revelry.

Clearly, we’re very excited.

Goulet to the Last Drop

Sad news from the world of sharkskin and pomade—the venerable Las Vegas entertainer and charmer Robert Goulet has succumbed to lung disease at the age of 73. A true vocal talent with a near-infinite supply of what his fellow Québécois call “charisme,” this smooth operator was loved by nearly everyone with an ear for music or a sense of humor.

Even with his slicked-back hair, brown turtlenecks, polyester everything, devil’s ‘stache and—uh—man jewelery, Goulet somehow seemed above it all—classy and confident no matter what (a lesson we could all learn.) Through his forty years of service as the self-effacing epitome of the velvet-lapelled cabaret singer, Goulet made the world his lounge.

For a proper obit, visit the New York Times

For an even greater tribute, slink on over to YouTube