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Sherlock Holmes Would Like His Laptop Back

Here’s the latest steampunk laptop from “Prestidigital Datamancery & Paraphernalia Technofetishism” expert Richard Nagy. The New York Times describes steampunk as “a subculture that is the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world, inspired by the extravagantly inventive age of dirigibles and steam locomotives, brass diving bells and jar-shaped protosubmarines.” We describe steampunk as Comic-Con’s magniloquent Great-Aunt Gretchen serving high tea with one hand while slaying the Dungeon Master with the other.

This particular piece features a full-wood chassis with a gold foil map, physically engraved and lacquered brass keys, semiprecious gems that act as LED indicator lights and an Asus/Intel processor that might just be able to transport you and your DeLorean back to a time when normal people gave a shit about any of the words in this paragraph.

Stick with the MacBook.

On the Case


J.Crew’s done a pretty good job bringing workwear flavor to their stock of button-ups and work staples, but it’s hard to know what that means for more practical items like a laptop case. What does a fisherman keep his MacBook in?

Well, it’s probably something like this. SwipeLife drew our attention to this collab between J.Crew and the Quebecois design house Want Organic (also known as Want Les Essentiels de la Vie), which brings together sustainable Norwegian leather, organic Turkish cotton, and a surprisingly spare design aesthetic. There are interior pockets for a smartphone, business cards and a few papers, but in general it’s as stripped down as possible…which feels about right, given the gear it’ll be sharing the store with.

Think Small


We’ve admired raw felt computer gear before, but it looks like it’s filtered down to the Etsy crowd.

So while this felted laptop sleeve (hat tip to NotCot) may not be quite as sturdy as the Hard Graft version, it’s a solid $100 cheaper, which should make up for quite a bit of it. And since it’s made on a smaller scale, it’s full of DIY touches like leather clasps reclaimed from a car seat, not to mention the option of your own logo stenciled on the front gratis, if you decide to get personal.

Just in Case


Laptop sleeves usually stick to neoprene and the occasional hard-plastic shell, so when someone takes a few steps in the briefcase direction, we take notice.

This particular model comes from the Aussie firm Toffee Cases, which took the simple but critical steps of giving the average 13-inch case a textured leather exterior and—most importantly—a handle.

It’s all in the details…

Up Your Sleeve


Laptop sleeves tend to be divided into the blankly functional and the downright hideous, but your best bet is usually finding a designer who started on a material more inspiring than neoprene.

Steve Harrington’s Technicolor bohemianism isn’t for everyone—in fact, we’d guess most of the machines heading into this sleeve have an apple on the back—but it’s a few notches above the usual gray padding.