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Lamborghinis, the First Ladies of Baseball and Mad Men Artistry

  • Kempt Staff


Sacrificial Lambo: Our pals over at Driven get the lowdown on Lamborghini’s newest supercar—with a price tag to the tune of $4 million.

Sporting Goods: Archival Clothing digs up some great print ads from 1950s sportswear.

Ball Girls: Just in time for baseball season, Bleacher Report counts down the 50 most notable MLB WAGS.

Mad Artist: It only took six seasons for the producers to track down an honest-to-God Mad Men–era illustrator for the show’s promotional art.

The Lamborghini Smartphone

You know what they say about guys with small hands: they buy Lamborghini smartphones. The phone part of the newly released Lamborghini TL700 is a bit of a yawner, with middle-of-the-road specs via Android and Qualcomm. The rest is a bit of a gagger, with gold casings and a back plate made from crocodile skin. To our comrades in Russia (where the phone will go on sale this summer): spend the $2,750 domesticating this golden crocodile instead of overcompensating for the one in your pants.

Mikaela Olsson Has Lost a Button

  • Najib Benouar

Kanye Do It?: Mr. West is already having a busy week, with all the Kardashian-wooing, and now he’s announced plans to field a 30-minute Cannes submission—that he’s yet to roll camera on. [NY Daily News]

Game Recognize Game: According to William Zinsser, the best way to get cast in a Woody Allen movie is to wear ugly sneakers and walk down Madison Avenue. (Speaking from experience.) [The American Scholar]

Lambo Chops: Driven takes us to Beijing, where Lamborghini is unveiling its first-ever SUV. No word on whether the doors will still open upwards. [Driven]

Brothers Bluth: Here’s the trailer for Mansome, documenting Will Arnett and Jason Bateman as they delve into the eternal question of what makes a man handsome. To which we’d like to ask: is this why we’re still waiting on that Arrested Development movie? [Selectism]