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Smell Test: Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune

  • Kempt Staff
Smell Test: Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune

Do you like positive energy, buoyance, radiance and things that fizz with joie de vivre? If so, boy, does Lacoste ever have a cologne for you. It’s Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune, a very yellow receptacle of something designed with the help of a celebrity nutritionist to improve your standing in the being-smelled-by-others community.

Per usual, we kicked it over to the professional noses of Kempt HQ to execute Smell Test™, the greatest olfactory event in the history of March 31, 2015. Here are the results.

The July Issues

GQ Drake

July’s a tricky month in the world of printed menswear.

Because even though summer only officially started last Friday, we’ve been talking about it since early May—and the last thing on our minds in the sweltering heat we’re all now starting to feel is fall tweeds.

It’s this “trickiness,” among other things, that led the gents at two of our big three men’s rags to the same decision years ago: July wasn’t worth the hassle of its own issue, so they tacked it onto the end of June’s. Which has given us the rare opportunity to look past those dusty old stalwarts to a few of the other menswear mags out there.

So without further ado, we take the pulse of this month in menswear journalism, after the jump...»

Chanel Iman Has Never Seen a Hobbit

  • Kempt Staff

That’s My Bag: Ghurka is photographing the contents of the bags of dapper gentlemen—and finds some surprises from a buttoned-up black-tie type: boxing gloves, poker chips and shotgun shells. [Driven] Get Socked: The case for relegating your holiday-patterned goodness to your feet, in the form of Fair Isle socks. [Valet] Barneys Rubble: An in-depth profile of shopping institution Barneys New York and the man who decided to buy it. [NY Times] Croc to the Future: As the 80th anniversary of their iconic crocodile approaches, Lacoste celebrates with this whimsical video. [Esquire]

Pamela Sue Martin Wants No Funny Stuff

Pamela Sue Martinvia WBE

Miscellaneous Handsomeness: An assortment of loose pictures, covering blog-bait from Nato straps to madras. [A Headlong Dive]

Tennis Whites: Dennis Tang doubles down on the all-white Lacoste polo for summer. Not a bad move. [GQ]

The Pictures: A personal essay about surfing, being young and looking up from Aaron Gilbreath. [Paris Review]

Get Onboard: And continuing our recent surf obsession, this hand-crafted wooden board is one of the coolest things we’ve seen all day. [Gear Patrol]

The Gentleman in White

Rene LaCoste

In honor of the latest crop of Lacoste’s Andy Roddick gear, we thought we’d draw your attention to some of our favorite sports clothing of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. René Lacoste.

Granted, it was a simpler time—before sneakers and synthetic fabrics—but if it was up to us, these tennis whites would still be the dress code at Wimbledon, right down to the newsboy hat. Just call it a gentlemanly handicap.

Going Dotty


These flourescent sneakers just landed online as part of Lacoste’s new Stealth Collection, and we can safely say they’re the coolest retro-futurist kicks we’ve seen all day. They’re supposedly inspired by Back to the Future (think 2015 via 1985), but with dots like these, we’d say the greater debt goes to Roy Lichtenstein. It’s a pattern that you rarely see outside of the Sunday comics, but if you’ve got a pair of dark jeans handy, it not be any harder to pull off than plain white.

Check Your Head


Our enthusiasm for biking has been dampened by one simple, easily overlooked fact: Bike helmets tend to be incredibly ugly. Luckily, a few newer models have started taking a pointers from the flatter skateboard helmets and—in this case—worked in some actual fabric.

This Lacoste helmet manages the difficult trick of being both eco-friendly and sartorially accomplished. The first count comes from subbing in soft cork for the usual styrafoam. The second comes courtesy of our old friend the flat cap, which they wisely adopted as a style guide. Naturally, this one’s a bit beefier. It’s got a job to do.

Spreading Out


Boutique dress shirts have run through just about every kind of collar there is—from spread collars to club collars to tuxedo-style flip-point collars—but polos have been lagging pretty far behind.

Luckily, Lacoste is making a go of it. These spread-collared polos came about thanks to a collab with Japan’s United Arrows, who slimmed down the silhouette and curved out the collar for something that looks a lot more current than most of the alligator’s usual gear. (Apparently John Waters was onto something.)

Of course, we’ll give extra points to the first polo that gives us a club collar…but we’re not holding our breath.

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