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Buy/Sell/Hold: White Pants After Labor Day

  • Kempt Staff


Of course you know the old canard about not wearing white after Labor Day.

And surely you know the new one—about how that’s an old-fashioned rule that ought to be forgotten. But when it comes to your trousers, there’s still a difference between your summer and winter whites.

And to help you differentiate, we’ve put together this handy guide on what to buy now, sell/pack away or hold on to in the farther reaches of your closet.»

The Last Swim Trunks You Need This Summer

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

0820KMT - Bather_HeaderOur friends at UrbanDaddy Dallas bring us word about a new line of swim trunks from our northerly neighbors. And although summer is waning, they’re handsome enough to warrant one last summer must-have.

Bather Trunk Company started developing their street-inspired beachwear last year and have just launched a shiny new website/online shop, making the double-lined, leopard-printed shorts accessible worldwide.

Our top three picks for your Labor Day leisure, after the jump.»

Frances Phillips Is Quickly Verifying Your Thread Count

  • Kempt Staff

via WBE

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Driving Range: Winston Churchill’s bespoke Series I Range Rover is hitting the auction block. Start pinching pence. [Driven]

Standing Ovadia

  • Najib Benouar

The Brothers Ovadia are so ahead of the game that they’ve decided to launch their Labor Day sale today (running from Tuesday to Tuesday, with discounts at up to 60% off).

A good amount of it will be out of season by the time it lands on your doorstep (the shorts, for example), but a navy pinstripe bow tie should come in handy anytime you’re feeling professorial, no matter the weather. As well as this spread-collar shirt—for the next time you’re feeling Sprezzidential (trademark pending).

For whatever reason, a few items, like these trousers, haven’t migrated their way onto the sale page, so you’ll want to do some poking around.

Weekending the Right Way: Being Childish

Labor Day is still a week off, but for all intents and purposes, this will serve as the last weekend of summer. After all, it’s the kid in us who cares about summer to begin with, and nothing says “autumnal equinox” to a kid quite like dozens of back-to-school commercials during the Little League World Series.

Which got us thinking—it’s been quite a grown-up summer so far, with our alfresco parties and our well-behaved houseguests and our member-guest golf tournaments. We almost forgot the most important part of summer: doing things you suck at. Being a beginner. Failing in front of the group. Flying blind. Skinning your knees.

So on that note, we suggest you jump in the nearest pool, close your eyes tight and start shouting “Marco!”

Here’s to being the fish out of water.

The Fall Sneaker


With the Day of Labor just around the corner, it’s about time you packed up your white bucks and boat shoes for a long stay in the back of the closet. Naturally, we’ve got a replacement in mind: these new garment-dyed Jack Purcells (hat tip), color-matched to October hues and just light enough to see you through to boot weather. Re-coloring a classic item isn’t exactly a new trick, but these don’t need originality points. The Purcell is a pretty perfect item already and the dyes are exactly the color you'll want once the leaves start turning. Honestly, we’re a little surprised it took them this long.